Appalled Madonna fans wait hours for concert to start in Melbourne

Madonna has had a career many musicians would be envious of, but when it comes to how she treats her

Madonna has had a career many musicians would be envious of, but when it comes to how she treats her fans, even Joe Blogs at the local tavern is more considerate.

Last night fans camped out in the rain, waiting patiently for the doors to open at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre. As the hours went by, fans were tweeting that they were waiting for her to come on stage past midnight:

Perhaps Madonna’s philosophy is if the fans didn’t pay, they should wait – the show was free for 1,400 fans.

Originally planned to start at 9pm, the Daily Mail reported Madonna didn’t appear on stage until well after midnight and didn’t finish until after 3am.

When she did show up, fans said that she was “off her rocker” during the gig, which was billed as a mix of music, comedy and story-telling.

She arrived on stage in a clown outfit while pedalling a tricycle, then told the crowd she was going to do something she never did and drink during the show, reports the NZ Herald.

Right now, Madonna is in the midst of a custody battle with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie over their 15-year-old son Rocco. While she was on stage last night Guy was in court in London.

It’s clearly a sensitive subject for Madonna – in Auckland on Saturday while dedicating a song to her son, she told the audience, “If I talk about him too much, I’m going to cry”, reports Yahoo!

No official reason was given for the delay but for the most part, fans said it was worth the wait to see the part comedy, part musical gig:

Tell us, would you wait hours for your favourite singer? Was this disrespectful to fans or OK because she’s a superstar?

  1. Wendy Mansfield  

    I don’t care who you are, you don’t treat people like that..If it wasn’t for her fans, she wouldn’t have a music career…they are the people that put her where she is, sadly a lot of so called ‘stars’ forget this little fact, and as for her being upset about her son not wanting to come home to her…has it occurred to her that he might not like being micro managed by her? All chicks have to leave the nest…get over it !!

  2. Cheryll  

    Just like a so called star you all wait until I’m ready her attitude is you didn’t pay you wait just because her son doesn’t want to live with her could you imagine the life the kid has lead her and her demands her rudeness. No wonder Guy divorced her. I just hope her son stays with his father and have some sort of normal life. To much money not enough stability for any child
    Let alone the men or Toy Boys that have bedded her. SHAME SHAME grow up and act your age these fans msy not have paid but they deserve your respect.

  3. Yve Carlos  

    I cannot say I have ever admired her. She has a history of arrogance and self righteous vanity. I wouldn’t wait to see her, even if she were appearing across the street I would not go as I have never warmed to her up herself attitude.

  4. Alexandra Warner  

    Never liked Madonna does not surprise me that, that selfish, arrogant woman would have everyone wait like that no wonder her son won’t put up with her…not sure how special she thinks she is certainly can’t sing ever could……

  5. I wouldn’t waste my money on her show. She got famous because of fans and that’s the way she treats them

  6. David Roberts  

    A delay of more than a quarter of an hour should entitle the audience to a refund. If she looses fans she can’t claim surprise. No matter what troubles are in a performers life the show should, within reason, go on. That’s what we pay for.

  7. O'dempsey  

    If you’re silly enough to let ANYONE make you wait 3 hours………say no more.
    Really people she is just a singer, she hasn’t discovered the cure for cancer ……you know, important stuff.

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