Amanda Vanstone’s comment about Steve and Bindi Irwin was just plain nasty

Panelist were left speechless on the Verdict last night when Amanda Vanstone made a comment so nasty that even Mark

Panelist were left speechless on the Verdict last night when Amanda Vanstone made a comment so nasty that even Mark Latham was shocked.

It was the very end of the show and host Karl Stefanovic was in the midst of congratulating Bindi Irwin on winning Dancing With The Stars when the former immigration minister interjected.

She said: “Give me a break. She’s not the only kid whose father has died. My father died when I was young; it happens to lots of kids. It doesn’t make her special.

“How many years ago did her father die?”

amanda vanstone

There was a collective gasp from the audience before the panel responded in disgust.  Journalist Peter FitzSimons held a pretend phone to his ear and said, “Hello Bindi, Amanda said get over it.”

Even Mr Outrage himself former Labor leader Mark Latham, was appalled. He said, “That was mean and nasty, you can’t say that. That’s something that not even I’d say.”

Stefanovic was clearly shocked. “Come on Amanda, I was just trying to end the show on something nice. Wow.”

He later said Vanstone might not be asked on the show again.

We sincerely hope Bindi doesn’t get word of Vanstone’s comment. The inspiring 17-year-old dedicated numerous dances to her father, and has said she could often feel him in the room with her when she was rehearsing.

Bindi was just eight when Steve was killed by a stingray barb, far too young for anyone to lose their father – even you Ms Vanstone.

Do you think Amanda Vanstone was way out of line with her comment? 



  1. A very nasty and malicious comment to be said be a very nasty old woman, Amanda Vanstone is a disgrace

    • I think she is someone who never got over her Father’s death and perhaps may resent the attention that someone else is getting who has also lost her Father at a young age. Just maybe ??? Very sad really to show that resentment

    • yes and she also was instrumentl in the cuts to the CPI rise in the pension, she is a very distasteful woman

    • I have no idea Margaret but she is old enough to know that she not be trying to rob the accomplishments of anyone , especially a 17 year old girl

    • Amanda Vanstone is typical of what is wrong with politicians in this country. Bindi won on merit alone. That’s all that matters!

    • Just like the rest of our pollies,please wipe them out at the next election,along with the greens and labour.Because another 3 years of their crap will finish Australia.

    • Well the way I see it she spoke the truth, after all a lot of people lost a parent at a very young age – unfortunately she has absolutely no tact whatsoever and should have kept that comment to herself…..

    • Everyone is entitled to an opinion on the show thats hers but I agree with you Wendy a little more tact or kept that comment to her self.would have ended the night better for all.

    • Yes Amanda must be loosing it. Bindi isn’t the opposition. She is a young enthusiastic. teen that has a great love for her dad. And she feels he is guiding her. Many who have lost there father. Think he is looking over them. Even I often think dad must have been watching over me. dad has been gone 55 years. Nice to keep dads spirit alive. Be proud Bindi

    • Amanda are a disgrace..
      A very nasty vicious person…you deserve ALL the wrath every Australian can muster..
      You are what we call a BULLY..
      Picking on a 17 years old .who is still wounded but the death of her Idol..
      Shame on you…I hope KARMA BITES YOU ON THE BUTT….big time..nasty nasty woman..picking on a child..

      • wot goes around comes around
        one hand washes the other
        Amanda, you are out of line
        crawl back into the cave you came out of

    • Paul  

      Totally agree with you there’s nothing much more to say.

      Except she was useless in government

    • Marilyn  

      I agree she is a dried up old prune and should be put out to pasture. What an evil politician and she has gone too far this time.

  2. I see Vanstone has not changed, age has not mellowed her, how hard would it have been to just say Congratulations Bindy ?

  3. Did Vanstone actually have a father? I thought she was hatched from a snakes egg!

  4. We need some love laughter joy in our world that is so weighed down by monstrous acts so good on you Bindi! And shame on you Vanstone you are spiteful and nasty!

  5. Never heard her talk..always pushing food down her throat..apparently though is changing her name to Jabba the Hutt…

  6. Some one needs to tell that old witch that Bindy was not judged on her fathers death, she was judged on her dancing ability

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