Actress sick of being told she is ‘good for her age’

There’s this thing that happens once you get to a certain age where, when people find out just how old

There’s this thing that happens once you get to a certain age where, when people find out just how old you are, a common phrase that follows is ‘Don’t you look good for…’. What rubbish! So annoyed by the statement that she is good for her age, 81-year-old British actress Anne Reid said she would rather burn her birth certificate so that no one would know how old she is.

The star of popular television drama Last Tango In Halifax spoke with ITV program This Morning about the fourth series of the show to commence screening over Christmas and said she still feels young at heart.

“You don’t feel old when you get old,” Reid told Eammon Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

“We should burn all the birth certificates an no one would know how old I am. I’m just sick of it — people saying ‘Oh, aren’t you amazing?’ We’ve just moved on, been here longer.”

She says she gets “very spiky” if anyone treats her like an old lady.

Reid has had a long career, about to celebrate 60 years in the industry. In addition to her work with Last Tango In Halifax, she has also had roles on Coronation Street, Heartbeat and Dinner Ladies.

The return of Last Tango In Halifax will mark two years since the show was last filmed and Reid is very excited about the reunion.

“It was lovely to be back together,” she told This Morning. “It was strange being back together again because we were in a different house but we’re like family so it was lovely.”

Have you ever been told you are ‘good for your age’? How does it make you feel? What other comments about your age niggle at you? Share them with us.

  1. Sue Green  

    I agree totally – the quality of her performance is what matters. I am a big fan and love “Last Tango in Halifax” and I’m looking forward to watching it when it returns to Australian TV.

  2. desleigh clarke  

    I am SO tired of the politically correct epidemic currently around, we’re scared to open our mouths without offending someone, but when it comes to ageism which is far worse, no-one cares or demonstrates or moans about that! I’m pretty offended myself but who cares – no-one because I’m not young enough to matter, same goes for actresses I’m afraid, the men actors are ok though, no-one seems to discriminate against them, figures!

  3. If someone tells that I don’t look my age, it makes me feel good

    • Adele. Ford  

      I feel the same way. I like to look good and feel good about myself.
      I am over 70, and if young people want to treat me kindly because I am aged, I can enjoy that as well.
      Let’s not be grumpy just accept ourselves .

  4. Val  

    I’d rather be told I look good for my age than I didn’t!! We have no choice about getting old. We either age or we are already dead. I would rather age well.

  5. Ruby Tuesday  

    When you tell someone that they look good, why add “for your age”? They know how old they are without being reminded.
    If a person looks good, their age has nothing to do with it. You either look good…or you don’t!

  6. Ian  

    I get tired of people asking me how old I am .but the thing that really pissed me off was a young twit at Centrelink who said “you old people should realize that the age of entitlement is over”
    I said ” well with comments like that you won’t live long enough to get old “

    • Jan  

      Stupid young idiot! Wet behind the ears. Let’s see how cocky they are when they are old!

  7. Never heard of her ( don’t care)

    • Jean Walker  

      Then why comment? She is a very well known British actor but perhaps you don’t watch TV or go to the movies.

  8. Allison  

    Really enjoyed Anne’s acting in a few episodes’ of ‘Dalziel & Pascoe’.
    She played Dalziel’s sister.

    Great combination, with the late, marvellous Warren Clarke.

  9. Joan Marshall  

    Nobody believes me when I say I am 71 and I am thrilled. Everyone says I look no more than 50 how wonderful to heart that.

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