A popular over-60 TV star has been nominated for Gold Logie

The Gold Logie nominees have been announced, and in the mix is one of the most interesting and long-standing hosts

The Gold Logie nominees have been announced, and in the mix is one of the most interesting and long-standing hosts on our televisions.

She’s in her 60s, and she’s been hosting the SBS World News since 1988. Yes, it’s Lee Lin Chin!

In the past few years, Lee Lin has been garnering quite a name for herself with quirky outfits, a fiercely loyal social media base and outlandish humour, and now she’s been honoured for her work.

via Twitter
via Twitter

Earlier this year, the recognisable face featured in the Australia Day lamb campaign, which drew many laughs and reignited Australia’s love for the eccentric silver-haired and silver-tongued newsreader.

On Twitter, Lee Lin thanked her fans for supporting her Logies campaign.

“May I have a moment to thank you all for supporting me in this Logies campaign. I believe I truly deserve this”, she said in her usual tongue-in-cheek, faux boastful way:

It seems her campaign for her fans to vote for her in the TV Week Gold Logie nominations has paid off – last year she tweeted she had decided to run for the Gold:

The other nominees for the accolade are Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly from the Project, Essie Davis from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Grant Denyer from Family Feud, and Scott Cam from The Block.

Tell us, d0 you hope Lee Lin Chin will win the Gold Logie?


  1. chrism  

    Absolutely, yes, she is fabulous. Good Luck.

    • Lynne Highfield  

      Totally agree. Just love her tongue-in-cheek humor!

  2. Rosemary  

    No, she is rude and uncaring. There is nothing funny about the death of baby sheep. Lambs are taken from their mothers and sent to slaughterhouses – that is not the basis for humor. And yes, I am vegan.

    • Margaret Lamby  

      Love French LAMB Cutlets, long bone, untrimmed, with mashed or steamed spud,
      & mint sauce! Yummy!

      Vegans are boring, & don’t eat healthily at all, & they smell peculiar (ie stink)!

  3. Maureen Montgomery  

    Yes!!!! absolutely she adds a bit of humour and I always check to see which glasses she has on, she is a great presenter as well

  4. Susan Bell  

    fantastic woman, I loved the way she stood up to SBS over presenting the news. She is funny, creative and a great individual. And Rosemary, everything is funny even the killing of sheep, doesn’t mean you don’t care, it just means a great many of us can find humour in everything and yes I am off to buy lamb chops for dinner. Vegans are so humourless.

  5. Margaret  

    Yes, I hope she gets it. Good luck Lee Lin Chin.

  6. Janine  

    Have had the joy of speaking to Lee Lin Chin, & I found her a very funny lady! We’d lots of laughs, & I enjoy listening to her on the News.

    At least her enunciation is excellent, unlike some other female newsreaders’, on F2A TV channels!

  7. Andrew  

    Absolutely not. Cant stand that plummy voice. I watch SBS on the weekdays but refuse to do so when she is reading on the weekends. She is NOT a star and only one who wishes to draw attention to herself with those silly outfits. Hardly a journalist. When she is interviewing someone, it is clear that she is only reading a predetermined text of questions with no follow up to the questions. UGH.

    • Julia harland  

      Yes … Agree with Andrew. He said it all nothing to add

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