A grandmother gave birth to IVF quadruplets when she was 65 and now her life has changed

When Annegret Raunigk announced she had undergone fertility treatment and was expecting four children at the age of 65, the world went
Photo credit: YouTube (World News Channel).

When Annegret Raunigk announced she had undergone fertility treatment and was expecting four children at the age of 65, the world went berserk. At the time, Annegret was already a grandmother seven times over and the mother of 13 children, plus, many were concerned about her health and whether she could pull it off.

That was last year, and now Annegret stuns the world again as she celebrates the first birthday of her four children – Dries, Neeta, Bence and Fjonn.

“This is not about egotism and it is not selfishness. I like children – they keep me young. You get more tolerant the older you get. I would never dream of telling anyone to do this or that. I am looked after, consulted, observed. I was fit to have them and I am fit to care for them,” she said to Daily Mail.

Photo credit: YouTube (Olesya Fedun).
Annegret with her newborn babies in the hospital. Photo credit: YouTube (Olesya Fedun).

Although the babies weighed just a little more than a bag of sugar when they were born last May, the three boys and one girl now have normal weights for their age.

But what is it like looking after newborns when your 65?

Photo credit: YouTube (Olesya Fedun).
The children are looking healthy just like mom. Photo credit: YouTube (Olesya Fedun).

“Stressful, but I would not have missed it for the world,” said Annegret to RTL TV.

“I sleep very little but I know I can take care of them,” she admitted.

Annegret who is a retired English and Russian teacher decided to get pregnant after her youngest daughter Leila, ten, said she “wanted a sister” to play with.

But no western clinic would have treated someone her age so she flew to Kiev where the procedure was performed successfully by Caesarian section 26 weeks into her pregnancy.

However, her babies had to stay connected to breathing tubes in incubators for months while Dries needed surgery after developing fluid on his brain and Neeta underwent an operation to repair a hole in her bowel. All children are doing well now.

“Everyone should live as they want to but everyone, it seems, has something to say about this,” said Annegret who is now mom to 17 children and grandmother to seven.


Do you think it is a good idea to have babies at a later stage in life?

  1. Sue Tog  

    I’m 62. 30 years ago I had triplets, now adults and all doing well. But I was then 32. I would shoot myself if I had to it again now. Shoot myself and then some…
    good luck to this lady!

  2. There is a reason God puts women through menopause at around 50. I have recently spent a couple of days looking after my 3 grand children under 5 and was exhausted at the end of the day. Also, I would want to be around to see my children get married and at 65, that would make her over 80. And the thought of going through puberty x 4 while in your late 70″s???? There is a time for every purpose under heaven, the 60’s is not the time for childbirth. Its time to sit back and enjoy being a grandma.

  3. Betty  

    In my opinion this person has satisfied her own needs, most women don’t like to think their confinement days are over. My concern is how will she cope at aged 80 years with 4 teenagers, their 21st birthdays or even their weddings; more to the point, how will the children cope with her?

  4. Terri Rice  

    I’m so pleased she got through the whole pregnancy with these 4 little darlings inside her. Now, although she undoubtably has many funds from media sources – she will have to cope & reality will set in as she has to bring them up, each year she will be a little older & they will be more demanding. God forbid!

  5. Absolutely crazy. Has she thought of their needs when they are teenagers & young adults? I hope she stays healthy & doesn’t have any of the totally unexpected illnesses that both my husband & I have encountered. Nuts I say, nuts….

  6. My Mum was about 44 when I was born. I thought that was old enough to have children.

    • Linda Munro  

      I was 37 when I had my last child and was exhausted by the time he was born. He will be 27 this year and I am 62 couldn’t imagine more babies at this age. I think once a woman has gone through menopause that is it and no more babies. where will medical intervention to have babies stop

  7. At the age of fifty when my fourth child left home I studyed and gained my childcare diploma and have been working in child ever since I am now 65 and not thinking of retireing any time soon looking after ather people children is rewarding but glad I also have my freedom to do what I like when not at work so no I love kids but not fair on them having them late in life

  8. Linda Munro  

    This lady is mad , who will care for her 4 children if she gets ill or passes away at age 65 she is not being responsible she already had 13 children and 7 grandchildren I ask myself WHY did she want more children???

  9. Rosemary  

    No mention of the environment or the question of one species taking over the planet while other species become extinct. What will happen in the future. How will we cope? Answer: we won’t.

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