40 things that can trigger Grumpy Old Man syndrome

I have always maintained that typical men have two modes – teenager and fuddy-duddy – and that it doesn’t take

I have always maintained that typical men have two modes – teenager and fuddy-duddy – and that it doesn’t take much to make them switch from one to the other!

A British survey interviewed more than 1000 dads in the UK and discovered (quel surprise) that a quarter of them admit to being cranky most of the time. According to the the Daily Mail report there are many things that can trigger a bout of Grumpy Old Man Syndrome.

Inspired by the research, we have developed our own (non exhaustive) list of things that turn a man from a loving husband/father/grandfather/friend into a GOM (grumpy old man). Some will not apply to all – perhaps your personal GOM has his own unique triggers – do share them in the comments so we can compare notes!

  1. People leaving the lights on
  2. Traffic jams
  3. Bad drivers
  4. General bad manners
  5. Cold callers calling in the evening
  6. Footie team losing… again
  7. Not getting enough “alone time”
  8. The Kardashians
  9. The cost of petrol
  10. Grown children who still need support/feeding/somewhere to live
  11. Losing the remote for the TV
  12. Not knowing which remote is which
  13. The front or back door being left open
  14. Having the heating on too high or the air-con on too low
  15. Grandkids who spend too much time indoors
  16. Reality TV shows
  17. Doors being slammed
  18. People stomping around the house
  19. Being woken from a nap
  20. Kids that don’t say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’
  21. Being told to clean the barbecue
  22. People stacking the dishwasher incorrectly
  23. Houseguests
  24. Christmas decorations being put up too early
  25. Grandkids spending too much time on phones/tablets
  26. MasterChef
  27. The cost of petrol
  28. Unexpected guests
  29. The neighbour’s cat
  30. Pop music
  31. Dance music
  32. Techno music
  33. Any other modern music
  34. Always getting socks for birthdays, Christmas or Father’s Day
  35. Socks going missing
  36. The state of the nation
  37. Elections
  38. Stupid people
  39. Stupid people in power
  40. Bad customer service

What sets off your Grump Old Man (or Grumpy Old Woman)? Share your favourites in the comments!