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There’s a naked woman in my bed

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Jenny England

Sleeping naked. Source: Pexels

Me. I have been sleeping naked for as long as I can remember. I love it and there are many reports that outline the various benefits of sleeping in the buff. However, there are also the times when there can be a few hiccups and the odd embarrassing occasion.

One that stays in my memory is the early winter morning many years ago when my then teenage son came rushing into my bedroom to announce that there was a fire in the kitchen. Jumping out from under my doona, I ran to the kitchen and proceeded to extinguish the fire (that had started in the griller) in my birthday suit with my son standing by, mouth agape. Luckily I managed to put it out without any scratches or burns. I am not sure what might have happened had the fire brigade arrived at the same time.

Staying overnight with friends or extended family can also be a little tricky. I have to make sure I have something near the bed to slip on quickly if I need to take a trip to the loo in the middle of the night and don’t want to be caught unawares. Hospital stays can also be tricky too.

As for the benefits of sleeping I feel I enjoy them all. I have pondered it for a while and found that these can include (in no particular order):

  • It is an easy way of saving money. You don’t need any pyjamas or expensive glamorous nighties so you can happily skip by the nightwear sections of your favourite dress shop. There are also fewer clothes to wash, dry and fold each day.
  • Sleeping in the nude can give you a delightful feeling of freedom. You can toss and turn in bed for all your might without getting twisted up in your night wear.
  • The health benefits have been reported to include the promotion of better quality sleep as it is cooler to sleep naked especially under cotton sheets in the summer months.
  • Many reports also suggest that sleeping naked is good for the skin as it is an excellent way of avoiding fungal infections.
  • Apparently this wonderful night-time practise also helps to regulate cortisol levels, melatonin, growth hormones and improve blood circulation. All are great ways of slowing the ageing process (something we all need).

Finally, I just feel sexier, and at my age anything that helps me feel a little sexier is certainly worth doing and doing regularly!

Have you ever had any difficulty sleeping? Would you consider — if you don’t already — sleeping in the nude?

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