The way I treasure and remember my friendships…

Mar 10, 2014

Is there an animal that can make you smile and feel good just by being near it? I know for many it would be a cat or dog but in my case it’s the humble cow! When I’m around these bovine beauties I feel relaxed and calm, you may even say contented! Now some may think there’s a good reason why I feel such an affinity with cows but they have never been brave enough to say so to my face!

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For years I took photo after photo of any cow I saw and eventually put together a digital scrapbook album of my favourite shots. I love browsing through this album because not only do I enjoy looking at my photos, but they also bring back memories of where I was, what I was doing and whom I was with at that time.

As I was working on my “Moovelous Moos” album, friends began sending me photos they’d taken of cows. Hence began my next project, an album showcasing “OP Cows” (other people’s cows). But it didn’t stop there…

Not only did I begin to receive other people’s photos, but also I have been presented with all sorts of bovine gifts and paraphernalia! Dinner bells, shopping bags, a sunglasses case, a teapot trivet, a money box, mugs, a kettle, a USB, salt and pepper shakers, toothpick holders, ornaments, egg cups, bookmarks and more! And thanks to social media, I’ve also been sent some pretty funny stuff! The contribution that takes the cake, however, is a beanie that is shaped like a cow’s head – no bull!

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 11.55.36 AMIt may sound as though this whole cow thing has spun out of control, but what I am gathering is no longer just a collection of MORE cow “stuff”. It really is developing into a lovely friendship book. Each item that’s given to me is photographed, ready to take its place in my album! I have the most fabulous array of cow photos from all over Queensland and Australia for that matter! This will also be a multicultural collection as I have cows from Africa, Italy, Switzerland, the Scottish Highlands, Ireland, Croatia, New Zealand and The Netherlands, all gathered by friends on holiday! Nice to know my friends remember me when they’re on holidays! You soon find out who your real friends are, if they’re not in this next album, there’ll be a question mark over that friendship!

When the day comes that I am “put out to pasture” I will derive a great deal of pleasure from flipping through the pages of my “OP Cows” album and remembering the friends who took the time to indulge me and my bovine fascination! Thank you to all of you and may we all be “chewing the cud” for many years to come!

What have you collected over the years? And have you considered photographing these items for an album? Making an album gives you the chance to write anecdotes or explanations that go with the item. At least when the memory struggles to remember who gave you what, you’ll just have to open your album – it works for me!

What do you collect? What is the sentimental value to you? 


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