Starts at 60 offers so many ways to chat with other over-60s. Do you know them all?

Jul 31, 2019
Starts at 60 is determined to provide you with more ways to communicate with other over-60s all over Australia, and getting involved with our Facebook groups is one great online way to get involved! Source: Getty

If you’re reading this week’s newsletter, it’s a sure sign that you are one of the new breed of digital-savvy over-60s. Chances are you also look and act younger than the 60-somethings of years gone by. This has been an important learning for Starts at 60 over the past six years and this and other things you’ve taught us and are still teaching us is what shapes the experiences, products and services Starts at 60 brings you.

We love how you are changing the way people think about retirement. In true Baby Boomer fashion, you have pioneered a new retirement generation. You’ve survived recessions, created the internet, given the world some of the greatest music, revolutionised fashion and modernised feminism. The level of social change your demographic has created should serve as an inspiration to the generations that follow. It certainly inspires us at Starts at 60 headquarters!

Not only are we working with companies and government agencies who want to update the the way they engage with you, but we continue to change the way we deliver our content and the way in which we communicate with you, which (I hope) improves the way you can interact with one another in the Starts at 60 community. You might have noticed that in addition to our experienced journalists and editors, a number of experts have been brought into the Starts at 60 fold to provide columns that are informative, easy-to-understand and relevant on the topics of health, money and travel.

We have also refreshed our email communications, so while you still receive our ‘best of the day’ email, Today on Starts at 60, you can also choose to receive new, informative emails each week, from our Money Club and Health Club (and of course this great this community and events email!). And if you want get the best cruise, tour and package deals while they’re hot, you’ll want to sign up to our Travel at 60 emails. You can update your email preferences at any time by logging in to your membership account on the Starts at 60 website and choosing the Email Preferences option in Account Settings. If you have any trouble doing so,  just ask us for assistance!

But there’s also a community of more than one million other 60-pluses to connect with every month on Facebook. You’ll find all our stories published on the Starts at 60 Facebook page and we encourage you to have a chat in the comments on the topics you feel most strongly about. In addition to our Facebook page, we also have several groups focused on your special interests, including crafting, gardening, staying healthy, managing your money, travelling (or looking for a travelling companion) or having a laugh.

Two examples of how you can use Starts at 60 to make new friends who share in your interests can be found in our Book Club and our Bloggers Club groups. The members in these groups share their thoughts on what their reading and celebrate the achievements of their writing. In the Crafting and Gardening groups, community members share amazing pictures of their creations and their gorgeous gardens, while in the Health Club group, members support each other as they work toward improving and maintaining their health and fitness.

Another way in which Starts at 60 likes to bring its community together is with our monthly Community and Travel Buddies meet-ups. I’ve been impressed with how these meet-ups are growing across Australia and New Zealand, with more than 90 meet-ups held every month. These events are an opportunity to chat with other 60-pluses about the daily happenings in your lives and your travel. I encourage you to get along to a meet-up in your local area and if there isn’t one, perhaps you’d consider starting your own. These monthly meet-ups are run by 60-pluses in the Starts at 60 community and they wouldn’t be the success they are without these volunteers’ input.

As always, if you’d like to send us your feedback or need help with signing up or commenting on our site, please drop us a line. We love hearing from you!

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