In Opinion on Wednesday 27th Dec, 2017

Remember going for your drivers license, how old were you?

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How old were you when you got your drivers license? Source: Pexels

It definitely was a lot easier back then! 

Getting your drivers license was a big deal. You probably won’t an adult yet, but you had taken the first few steps towards independence. 

Most baby boomers probably only had one quick driving test, or only had to visit their local police station, before obtaining their drivers license. 

If you lived out rurally, there’s a good chance you were taught how to drive well before 16. 

Remember when you didn’t even need a log book? No written test, no log book and no hours. 

Nowadays, you have to sit a written road rule test, log 100 hours and pass a practical driving test, before obtaining your license. 

Do you remember when you went for your drivers licence? What was it like? Do you think learner drivers today have too many hours to do? 

How old were you when you got your drivers license?