Reinventing Retirement: Inspiring over-60s to live their best lives

Sep 25, 2019
Starts at 60 is reinventing retirement. Source: Getty Images

Have you visited the Starts at 60 website recently? Just last week we shipped a big change — introducing to our website the ‘Reinventing Retirement’ program.

For the coming weeks you’ll see some pretty big changes to the way we’re designing the Starts at 60 website and the types of content you’ll find there. We’d love it if you could pop by and take a look.

We know that today’s over-60s are embracing retirement like no other generation before you. We know that in order to reshape your retirement you need more and better information on the life stages that really matter and we want you to find that information right here, at Starts at 60!

Our changes are designed to provide you with the information you need to help you at every stage of your retirement, from starting on the journey into retirement through to the very end. We are building well-organised and thought leading content on the many stages of life in retirement, from:

  • planning for retirement (or planning never to retire)
  • heading into the early days of retirement
  • going on a big retirement trip
  • heading off nomadding
  • finding good sources of retirement income
  • downsizing and decluttering your home, car and/or life
  • helping your children buy a home
  • becoming a grandparent (or being a good grandparent)
  • considering a retirement or lifestyle community
  • looking for care for an older relative
  • planning your estate
  • managing a funeral for a loved one.

You’ll still enjoy our best news and trending stories in our daily Today on S60 newsletter delivered to your inbox every afternoon. In the mornings you’ll receive essential and helpful content from experts, leading journalists and our community bloggers that will help you shape a modern retirement and learn all the things that can help you shape your journey.

Visit the website to sign up for our different emailers or change your email settings.

We now have four major email streams at Starts at 60.

  1. The Starts at 60 daily newsletter, Today on S60, with all our news of the day
  2. The Reinventing Retirement bundle that includes:
    • The Starts at 60 Money Club — proactive way to manage your money with expert opinion, Q&As, real-life stories and helpful insights
    • The Starts at 60 Health Club — preventative and proactive health insights and guideance from respected health authorities on how to achieve and maintain good health
    • The Starts at 60 Community Club — the best articles of the week written by some of our 400-plus over-60s bloggers, monthly community events and big community discussions
    • The Starts at 60 Travel Club — bucket list travel inspiration.

I really hope you’ll take advantage of Starts at 60‘s ‘Reinventing Retirement’ program. We will continue to work with you to make sure your retirement the best time of your life! If you’d like to send us your feedback, please email us. We love hearing from you!

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