Come back! The nostalgic sweet treats you can’t buy anymore

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See if these jog your memory - and your tastebuds! Source: Facebook/Bring Back The Triple Treat ice cream and Supplied to Starts at 60 by Robert Menz.

After rumours circulated about the return of the beloved Polly Waffle after a decade away from shelves, chocolate maker Robert Menz confirmed his plans to make the Australian dream a reality next year by bringing it back – using the original recipe to boot!

The big news excited chocolate-lovers across the country and has since inspired Baby Boomers to reminisce over their favourite sweet treats from back in the day that, much like the Polly Waffle, were swiped from supermarket shelves before their time. Here are just a few of the best sweets that may be gone but are definitely not forgotten!

Triple treat ice creams

What’s better than enjoying ice cream, chocolate and marshmallow all in the same bite? Nothing, that’s what. The public was devastated when these delicious Streets ice creams were discontinued, and still to this are day fighting to get them back in the supermarket freezer with petitions and Facebook pages dedicated to the honourable cause.

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Who remembers these? I used to LOVE these ice creams when I was little. #craving #icecream #streets #1980s #tripletreat #tripletreaticecream #streetsicecream

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Chocolate cigarettes

These are one of the many foods that definitely wouldn’t survive in today’s PC world. Although these chocolate sticks wrapped in paper were by far one of the more delicious options in the local shop, they were quickly shut down when people realised giving children fake cigarettes might not have been the best idea.

Scorched Peanut Bar

People went mad for this mouthwatering bar with peanuts baked into toffee coated in chocolate, and while they’re not as readily available as they once were in every corner store around town, these delicious treats are actually fairly easy to make in your own kitchen. So next time you’re craving the delicious trio of flavours, just whip it up yourself in no time at all!

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Choo Choo Bar

There was no better way to get semi-permanent stains on your teeth than by enjoy these thick liquorice bars. If you were willing to spend the next two days pulling sticky lolly from your back molars and having your mum yell at you to brush your teeth, than you were prepared to enjoy these delicious goodies!

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Nothing look good old fashion Choo Choo Bars! Yum 😋💙

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Vice Versas

These mixed chocolate and white chocolate balls were so moreish it would be an impressive feat if you could pull yourself away before finishing the entire packet. While they can’t be bought in Australian shops anymore, they’re still made in the UK, so if you are craving them badly enough, you may still be able to get your hands on a packet.

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#viceversas #chocolate #lovethem #sweettoothproblems #childhoodmemories 🙂

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Bertie Beetle

While these delicious bite-sized treats are now exclusively available in the show bags at most local shows, these were a long-time favourite in corner stores everywhere right alongside the classic Freddo Frog. Interestingly, these crunchy chocolates were actually the cost-effective way of using up left over honeycomb from Violet Crumbles.

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Do you remember these discontinued sweets? What were your all-time favourite sweets as a child?

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