Five retro items that have come back into style

These are some of the best things that have come back into fashion since we were young. Source: Pixabay.

We’ve all heard the universal advice from our parents: “Don’t throw that out, it’ll come back into style one day”. And, while that might have seemed silly for your favourite patterned tights or those avocado-coloured couches, it definitely rings true for a few popular items that kids today have started to appreciate once again.

Polaroid cameras

When these started making it big in the 1940s and ’50s, people were obsessed with the idea of an instant photo. It took the world by storm with everyone and their dog snapping pictures and waiting patiently for the polaroid to develop.

One of the biggest moments for the cameras was in 1963 when the first instant colour film hit the market and sent people wild.

Today, the new and improved instant camera is popular with young people everywhere looking to achieve the perfect “vintage” look!


Some people who grew up with record players say the only way to properly listen to music is on vinyl, and people today are starting to agree. Record players hit their peak in the ’60s and ’70s when the very first turntables with stereo playback were announced.

Once the most popular way to listen to music, the introduction of cassette tapes forced record players into the background.

Now, with so many ways to access songs, many people are reverting back to the simplicity of vinyl. So with records coming back in a big way, it might be time to dust off the old player!


While comic books have never really gone out of style, the classic stories and characters are forever being rebooted into movies and TV shows. Before these high-budget, action superhero movies were created, all we had were a few drawings in a book.

Comics will forever be popular but now with Marvel and DC blockbusters constantly in the cinema, younger audiences can appreciate the stories in a whole new light.


There’s something so appealing about having control over what music is played in the bar or restaurant you’re dining at. With just a few coins people could choose between over a 100 songs across all genres with the popular jukebox machines.

Nowadays, music apps like Spotify have created their own digital jukeboxes that mean customers can choose their own music with just the touch of a button.

’50s style kitchen appliances

While the classic house-wife style of kitchenware quickly went out of fashion after the ’50s, people today are always looking to add vintage pieces into their kitchens. Revamped but still retro-looking toasters, kettles and of course the classic mixers are just a few of the ’50-inspired items that people go crazy for.

What’s your favourite piece that’s come back into style? Do you still use any of your old things from the ’50s or ’60s?

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