The good, bad and ugly! Remembering famous hairstyles through the decades

Hairstyles have gone through a lot of change. Source: Getty.

Whether it’s a bad hair dye, a wild style, or trendy cut gone bad, we’ve all had at least one hair style we regret over years! One of the best things about being in your 60s is having years of hilarious hairstyles and outfits to look back at and wonder at how we ever managed to get away with them. Here are just a few of the haircuts we’ll forget!

The Mullet

The iconic style gained traction in the 1970s thanks to rockstars like Rod Stewart, David Bowie and Paul McCartney. Everyone wanted to sport the short in the front and long in the back hair to resemble their favourite singer.

This hairstyle became so famous that it even copped its own slogan: “business in the front, party in the back”. And although the mullet wasn’t always the most attractive style, it was definitely better than the “skullet” which was long in the back and completely bald on top.

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In the ’60s, the beehive was one of the classiest hairdos you could try and to this day, the tall style remains a symbol for the entire decade. Achieving the perfect beehive was no easy task for ladies who would spend hours smoothing and brushing their hair in different directions.

The adventurous hairdo involved a whole lot of back combing and even more hairspray to hold everything in place. While every few years it comes back into style, nothing compares to the heights of beehives in the ’60s.


Sideburns have floated in and out of fashion for years. The strips of hair on the sides of men’s faces were mostly representative of the military in the early 1900s before Elvis Presley arrived in the ’50s and made them fashionable.

During the ’60s the unkept look became a symbol of rebellion and when the ’70s came around celebrities like Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jim Morrison and even John Lennon were showing off their very own muttonchops. Nowadays, the furry face-huggers still show up occasionally, most notably on Hugh Jackman in his role as Wolverine.

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Teased hair

The ’80s were definitely a strange time for fashion. The general rule for everything in the memorable decade was “the bigger, the better”, and hair was no exception. Teased hair was a bit of a throwback to the beehive with the amount of backcombing and hairspray involved.

However, the messy cut definitely had less glamour than the ’60s hairdo. The key to achieving this loud and proud style was to essentially form the largest radius of hair possible. Crimping was also introduced meaning hair wasn’t just explosive but it was also zigzagging all over the shop.

Mop top

This messy hairdo might have been the easiest trend to follow, especially for teen boys. While it was barely recognised as an official haircut in the ’40s and most of the ’50s, everything changed when The Beatles came on the scene.

The band showed off their unkept hair that covered their ears and hung down to their eyes, and people went crazy for it. The simple do has stuck around for years, probably because it takes absolutely no effort to achieve – which is exactly what all teenage boys are looking for in a hairstyle!

Do you remember these hairstyles? Did you have any of them?

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