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Is it ever OK to talk on your mobile on the toilet or in the bath?

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Some think it's OK, while others think it's gross. Source: Pexels

You’ve probably seen people use their smartphones in the most unlikely places but what about when you’re talking to someone and you realise they’re likely, err, naked, or at least pants-less? The echo-y sound and, even worse, the splashing is usually a dead giveaway of the fact that they’re on the phone while in the bathroom.

Are you OK or no-way with it?

A survey by Finder found that more than 40 per cent of Aussies admitted to using their mobile phones while on the toilet, so it’s very likely you’ve spoken to someone at some time who’s doing just that. (People who do do so are at risk not just of dropping their phone in the loo but are also transmitting a lot of bacteria.)

But while some people think it’s totally gross and that no phone conversation is that important, others say it’s fine because the caller can’t see that they’re half-clothed or unclothed – unless, of course they’re using Facetime, Skype or the like. 

What do you think? Do you talk on the phone in the bathroom? Or do you hate it when others do so? Where’s a phone no-go for you?

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