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Do you prefer to give money or a gift at a wedding?

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Giving money to the bride and groom is pretty common these days. Source: Pexels

When it comes to gifting the bride and groom, what do you prefer to give: money or a gift?

Before there were wishing wells, and young couples didn’t live together before marriage, gift registries were the go-to, to help the newlyweds set up their marital home without doubling-up on gifts. Nowadays, though gifting the newly married couple with money or gift vouchers is pretty common. The couple likely lived together, often for several years, before marriage, which means they probably have all the vases they need and don’t want a second toaster or tea set. 

While some people in Western countries feel that giving money removes the element of love that goes into carefully selecting a gift, in some cultures gifting money is not just polite, it’s expected. In much of Asia, the married couple receives a red envelope of cash, while in countries ranging from Greece to Poland the guests pin money on to the bride’s dress as she dances around the room. 

When it comes to a cash gift, many people opt to give as much as it costs to cover their attendance at the reception – in effect, how much the bride and groom paid the caterers to feed you – but others decide to ignore the happy couple’s wishing well in favour of a gift.

What do you think of the move to money as a wedding gift? Would you prefer to personally select an item, rather than give cash? Or does cash or vouchers make the process so much easier?

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