‘Here’s how I feel we can solve the moral decay of our society’

Jul 06, 2019
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Bring back compulsory military or community service. Source: Pexels

We should all be extremely concerned about the moral degradation of our society. Moral standards are important whether one believes in a higher power or not. Our society is the most-addicted, obese and over-medicated in our history, which leads to miserable lives looking for meaning.

Too many of our children are growing up with no moral compass. They grow up with no respect for parents, teachers, police, seniors and authority. They lack discipline because parents are indulgent and teachers ineffective. This breeds an entitlement mentality leading to drug use, depression, domestic violence and criminal activities. Old values fail to inspire a younger generation. Unteachable kids become unemployable adults. Handouts are not valued. Everybody needs the opportunity of a hand up, not a hand out.

This cannot be solved overnight without drastic action. There is a natural tendency to always treat the symptoms instead of addressing the cause making the solution elusive. Because moral decay is a slow process it is not obvious and sneaks up on you. People get used to the decay which reduces its perception and importance. We need to enhance compassion, purpose, meaning to life and instil the courage to be imperfect.

In my travels around the world over many years and to more than 100 countries, I learned that socialism does not work. It stifles the work ethic. It puzzled me why socialist countries like Sweden and Switzerland managed to produce a very civil society and sound economy. Bjorn Lyrvall (Swedish Ambassador) said his country’s economic success is due to its sound institutions and social cohesion, rather than the welfare state so admired. Why is that? My analysis concluded that it was due to compulsory military service. It is amazing the camaraderie it breeds. Sweden stopped compulsory military service in 2010 and Germany in 2011. I predict that they will decay as we have done (I recently heard Sweden has reintroduced it).

You can dream on with all sorts of soft solutions. The only solution in my opinion is compulsory military or social service. People react to military service in many ways, but it need not be horrific. Nobody goes to war or jail; anyone who refuses to do it does not get any government support ever. In other words if you don’t give you can’t take. For those that object to the military, no problem, they can do community service and they must have a uniform with rank to ensure discipline.

I know it is a hard sell but the alternative is continued moral decay. We need to act now!

Do you think our society is in trouble? What are your thoughts about compulsory military or social service?

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