‘I’ve realised the importance of compromise’

Feb 04, 2019
Why buy a latte when you could make a coffee at home and save yourself the expense? Source: Pexels

Compromise… I live by it every day, but my kids still hate it! In fact it’s one of the very first words I taught them to spell.

It’s not something we all like to do every time but we probably should start thinking about why we need to keep the word in our vocabulary and how it can and does actually affect our wellbeing for the better on a daily basis.

To ‘compromise’ is to do something different to what is expected. There’s no right or wrong. In an argument a compromise is where both parties literally agree to disagree, but then move on.

If you are running short of disposable income, a compromise can be made by not eating out as much or by making your own cafe latte at home, or buying second-hand clothes for instance. Or instead of that much dreamed of overseas holiday, maybe a few days away at a local seaside caravan park in a cabin is a compromise. That one week locally might cost just $500-$800 compared to the same week in some exotic location, costing maybe $5,000 to $10,000 with airfares, accommodation etc. While the perceived benefits of a luxury apartment/bungalow somewhere overseas or on some exotic island is appealing, a break away from the daily grind of work is still a break away!

Life today often seems to feed us somewhat unrealistic expectations, particularly via social media where we are presented with way too many ‘look at me’ videos and posts that many people aspire to.

Are a pair of $400 brand name shoes really going to make that much difference to your life than (say) a $40 pair from Kmart or Target? Sure, they may look great, be really comfy, stylish and long lasting, but if you can’t afford it, why suffer the pain of then having no money to pay the rent, pay your phone bill or buy groceries for the family?

Don’t get me wrong, we all love to spoil ourselves and there’s nothing wrong with that, but by ‘compromising’ on everyday things in our lives, we learn to accept life is not perfect. We can’t have absolutely everything we want every time, but we can have almost anything if we compromise.

Compromise is all about accepting that in life, nothing is perfect. After all if we didn’t have to accept compromises every day, we’d all be perfect. I’m not… Are you?

When have you had to compromise? Are you finding you’re doing more compromising as you’re getting older?

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