‘An afternoon with my son made me realise how proud I am of him’

Jan 02, 2020
Sue writes about all the reasons she's proud of her son. Source: Stock/Getty Images

One Thursday recently I had to see my GP. Pap smear was all good; shoulder problem needed a cortisone injection. The fun part began in the afternoon. I was going to have dinner with my youngest son, his wife and my grandson. Rather than him having to deal with peak hour traffic to come and pick me up, I suggested I could get a ride to his workplace, sit quietly, watch my ‘Ps and Qs’, and not embarrass him. He was happy with that.

I arrived; he knew I was there, sitting quietly ‘observing’ from the very comfortable reception area. About 30 minutes later he came over and said, “Come on, we’re going for a drive”. I was deposited in the new Toyota Supra, a two-door sports vehicle (retailing for over a $100,000 and looking like an upmarket Batmobile). Now, my son loves his cars; he’s an exceptional driver, and off we went. I love ‘fast cars’. I love ‘fast motorbikes’ and this ride was f****** awesome.

We got back to dealership where he works in Moorooka, a surburb of Brisbane, and I again sat quietly in the reception area, helping myself to a cappuccino (from the very well equipped kitchen area). I wanted for my son to finish work. Regularly I was approached by staff, asking questions like ‘Is there anything I can help you with?’ and ‘Are you waiting for someone?’

To the last question I replied, “I’m just waiting for my son.”

Staff soon started to realise whose mother I was. Different ones came and introduced themselves, shook my hand, and it was so delightful. However, the most important thing I observed was that my son’s staff respected him, had a great relationship with him (as he did with them) and I felt so incredibly proud! Thinking to myself, I uttered quietly “His dad and I got it right”.

Finally we left and headed home to his place to see my pregnant daughter-in-law and grandson, and have dinner. What love they have for each other, and the new baby to arrive in February. I could tell you all about the scrumptious dinner, cuddles with my grandson, being adored by a very big German Shepherd named ‘Roman’, but I’ll spare you that.

Suffice it to say, I had a fun day and I am so proud of my son for becoming the hard-working, loving, caring man, husband and father.

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What things make you proud of your children?

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