‘Ghosts of the past visiting me in dreams are like blessings on Earth’

Sep 26, 2019
"Beyond these dreamings, upon waking I fear not much these days." Source: Getty Images

“I do believe in angels.” This sounds like an old ABBA song. Many moons ago, my beloved nanna passed over very suddenly at her home. It was 1968. That day, my family visited our newly grieving old Grandpa Jack. My sisters and I walked past the room where Nanna had collapsed, and her loving touch seemed to embrace my little soul, like a whisper of love. I still carry that blessing within today, but it is one of my long kept secrets.

The years rolled by, Grandpa Jack also went over to the far side of midnight. Then it was my father’s turn. An older veteran of battling the Japanese in 1939—1945, he fought the good fight against an aggressive cancer. However, he breathed his last, and his soul went flying to wake up free of all pain and medical treatments. A new day on a different world, not far away.

Ever since, I occasionally experience vivid dreams of my father, like signs of divine energy where he now dwells. In my sleep, I can feel myself conversing with my father, receiving his messages of reassurance.

“I love you all just the same,” Dad has often told me in my dreams, or “Amo te simile,” as a lively Latinist would say to me. Beyond these dreamings, upon waking I fear not much these days. My ghosts of the past visiting me in dreams are like Nanna’s touch, whispers of love, real blessings on Earth.

My father one night demonstrated how his soul, along with all my other loved ones who have passed over, are soaring in an azure vault, like falcons or hawks. Their souls bask in a beautiful, white, dazzling light, again in a place not far away. Our ancestors and family loved ones are still loving us just as they did on Earth. They now know what true love really is, and their hearts that love us are forever young.

I once bravely told a medical friend of mine about one of these dreams of my father. He described it as similar to a Jungian life changing dream. I guess it was. He told me he wished he could receive a sign from his recently deceased father as well. My learned friend had never had the time to farewell his father, he too passed over very suddenly.

The sun arises anyway, after vivid dreams. We may receive our blessings in the afterlife, but all our loved ones are watching each of us right now, as our guardian spirits or angels. They want the best for us, and guide us to make good choices in life, to take the right opportunities, waking us up with a smile. We are blessed by our grace and talents.

“I love you just the same,” a blessing on Earth. Sometimes I can catch a glimmer of sunlight, or a dream, or a feather appears, do the ancestors draw near? Now I know what true love is, to receive signs on Earth from our loved ones, not far away, blessing each of us, true graces from beyond. Blessings on Earth.

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Have you experienced anything like this after a loved one died? Do you believe in angels and spirits?

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