‘Forget survival of the fittest, it’s every person for themselves’

Mar 30, 2019
"hinking about our leaders’ attitudes to the present problems, I begin to wonder just how soon we shall be overtaken!" Source: Getty Images

We humans really are an arrogant lot, aren’t we? We think we are right at the top of the tree of life, better in every way than all other living creatures on Earth! This is despite the fact we are just about the puniest of all races, kilo for kilo.

You only have to see how effective the average person is with a family cat, being held against its will and wanting to get away – the human rarely has a chance against the sheer strength, litheness and determination of the animal! Imagine what a 100 kilogram rat could do if it came up against one of us, if such an animal existed; I doubt if it would even raise a sweat in disposing of us, especially if we were unarmed apart from our “claws” and our wits, just like the rat!

We’re not even the most prolific of living beings either, there are many species of creature that outnumber us by many millions to one, especially ants and a lot of other insects — and they are highly organised too; should the human race fail, I am quite sure the gap we leave will be very quickly filled by these tiniest of conquerors!

There is just one thing that gives us any sort of a lead over the rest of the dwellers on Earth, and that is that we are supposed to be more intelligent (something that I doubt sometimes!), and that makes us capable of seeing into the future, able to plan for the times to come, and of being aware of our own lack of immortality — we all know we are going to die sometime, though some do believe that we don’t actually die, in the true sense of the word, but we pass over, on to a new plane of existence, higher and better than the present. Only our own faith can give each of us an answer to such a question!

Unfortunately, some would say, this intelligence means we can all think, but with each of us possessing this unique ability (also coupled with our different personalities), we still manage to come up with different ideas about almost everything, causing unanswerable problems. Take global warming for instance, some say it is happening and some say it is not. Amongst those who believe it, some say it is man-made and we must all take measures to either stop it or at least to ease it, while others say yes, it is happening, but it has little or nothing to do with what we get up to; it is the result of the Earth still coming out of our most recent ice age and it will continue to happen for centuries, whatever we do, until the Earth decides to cool down again and sink back into the next ice age. They say it’s pointless to try to do anything about the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (which apparently only amounts to about 0.03 per cent of the air we breathe anyway), and they point out that the average volcano pumps about as much carbon dioxide a day into our atmosphere as the whole human race contributes in a year!

I know nothing of the actuality of the above comments, I’m only quoting some of the material I have read recently, and I would guess the same applies to most people; all we can do is wait and see! Unfortunately though, as usual there are people who would take advantage of such a situation, raising fears in their own communities and making personal gains out of them. A few are raising vast fortunes out of instilling fear into all our minds, so that we are easily encouraged to buy panels to go onto our roofs, to demand that coal mines are closed and wind turbines should be installed everywhere, all to generate the electricity we now need, because everything is becoming electronic!

One of the major ironies of these arguments is regarding the use of coal to generate our energy, as has been done for many years. We are told we have to stop such methods (carbon dioxide again!), even though they are by far the cheapest way to generate. Having done that our government is exporting more and more coal to China and India, countries infamous for the amounts of pollution they generate. Where is the gain in our battle with carbon dioxide in this equation? Surely we would all be better off in every way, by burning the coal on our own comparatively clean power stations.

As I said at the beginning, we are pretty puny when placed against the other animals we share this place with and we survive against them mainly on our wits. Thinking about our leaders’ attitudes to the present problems, I begin to wonder just how soon we shall be overtaken!

What are your thoughts on this issue?

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