‘Prostate cancer awareness needs more than a tacky striptease on TV’

Aug 09, 2019
This writer didn't feel the television show featuring a striptease by 'celebrities' was enough in raising awareness of prostate cancer in men. Source: Getty Images

I recently saw The All New Monty make its way back to Australian television screens. I remember in 2018 this show got a group of ‘celebrities’ to bare all in the name of men’s health, specifically prostate cancer.

With no offence to host Shane Jacobson and dancer Todd McKenny, or the new bunch of blokes to get their kit off (Lote Tuqiri, Sam Moran, Matty J, Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico, George Burgess, John Wood and Brendan Fevola), I wonder if keeping their clothes on would have been a much better option …

Some of those in the mix should spare the vision of thousands of viewers, while I feel the younger blokes are just looking for a further 15 minutes of fame.

Recently, I was sitting around a campfire for a caravan park ‘Happy Hour’ and in light of this new strip tease, put it to those present, ‘Is this a good thing? Is the message going to hit home to husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers etc.?’

The answer was a resounding ‘No!’. Most of the women present said they would watch it for the laughs they would get out of it.

Whoever thought of getting a bunch of blokes (some of whom would be over 60) to strip off to bring attention to Prostate Cancer needs to take a good hard look at themselves. In my opinion, the whole thing is tacky!

I felt sure the show was only aired to bring ratings. The television channel concerned made no mention of prostate cancer awareness in any of the promotional campaigns it did in the lead up to the big event. All I heard was “You won’t believe who we have got for you this year”.

I’d like to know if there has been an increase in men getting their prostates checked following the airing of this show. I wonder how many men actually watched the show and were encouraged to get their prostate checked because of it.

I have my doubts.

I also wonder if it would be seen to be acceptable for a bunch of overweight, wrinkly old women to strip down and show their boobs in the name of breast cancer awareness. I don’t think it would. It seems promotion of breast cancer awareness and other issues pertaining to women’s health are marketed in a much classier way.

I honestly don’t feel The All New Monty will encourage the average Joe to check his prostate. The men at ‘Happy Hour’ thought the show was for ‘tossers’.

Blokes are different to women, they will ignore and ignore (and ignore) until their bodies are screaming at them and they can ignore no more. Only then will they seek medical help.

When I think about awareness campaigns, I think about the men in my life. They are rarely too far apart from their phone or their car keys. I wonder if the folks at the Prostate Cancer Foundation have considered key rings or phone cases?

Wives could buy these items for their nearest and dearest, because as sure as hell no man would buy them.

What about advertising on coasters in pubs? The message would be bound to sink in then.

Men need all the help they can get to be made aware, but I don’t feel a strip show on television is going to be of any help at all.

Editor’s Note: September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in Australia. You can find more information about prostate cancer or other health issues at Starts at 60’s dedicated Health channel.

What do you think the best way to raise awareness about a health issue is? Have you or has a loved one suffered with prostate cancer?

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