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Are you a book or movie person?

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Are you a book or movie person? Source: Pexels

Films are great, as are books, but do you have a preference?

After an exhausting day, watching a movie or catching up with reading, is both equally relaxing. 

While films can bring stories to life, books immerse you into the story. 

Do you prefer to watch a film first or read the book? Supposedly, a book is always better, right? 

There is nothing more disappointing than watching a great book turn into an ok film. 

If you watch the movie first, sometimes, the book is flat, however if you read the book first, there’s a good chance the movie will also be a let down. 

Do you read the book or watch the movie? Have you been let down by a film adaption? What is your favourite book or film?

Are you a book or movie person?