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An invitation to take our reinventing retirement survey

Written byCEO at Starts at 60

People keep asking us about you! They’re fascinated by this new breed of digital-savvy over-60s, who look and act younger than people the same age in years past. They want to understand you better and we’re hoping that if we help them, they will tailor experiences, products and services for you more cleverly and with greater respect.

But the reality is that there isn’t much well-crafted, publicly available aggregated data out there on today’s over-60s, the new retirement generation, how happy you are with your lot and what you want from life. And while we at Starts at 60 know a lot about what you love, what makes you angry and what you want in life, it is really difficult to organise that into a credible and useful set of insights that businesses can use to be more respectful of your needs without your help.

So, today we have put out a survey that will be used to create an insights program for businesses, advertisers and government departments that are curious about you.  It helps us because Starts at 60 is funded by the advertisers and sponsors that want to reach you, and it helps you because you no doubt want better products and services made specifically for your generation.

We ask you to take part in our survey today to help us help you. Just five minutes of time and some easy, and somewhat entertaining, questions will bring us a better view of how you feel in this stage of life, how you consumer media today and how you want to be spoken to.

It’s an anonymous survey, designed to create aggregated data only for use in presentations about how different this generation of 60-pluses is from those that have gone before them.

If you tell us, we can change and improve at Starts at 60 and advise other companies on to do the same.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Rebecca Xx (founder and CEO of Starts at 60)

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