World’s dumbest criminals? Footage captures burglars’ hilarious break-in fail

The CCTV footage shows two burglars trying to break into a warehouse. Source: Twitter - Today

For many of us the thought of committing a crime would never enter our minds, however many criminals go above and beyond to try and get away with breaking the law. However that wasn’t the case this week as footage emerged of two men – who have since been dubbed ‘the world’s dumbest criminal’s’ – failing spectacularly to commit a burglary.

Hilarious video footage was aired on Channel Nine’s Today show on Wednesday, which showed the pair attempting to break into a building by smashing one of the windows with a rock, but their plans went askew as they failed to account for the rock rebounding

The clip begins by showing one of the men scoping out the front of the warehouse as he takes his place standing guard, with his back turned away from the building. A second man then enters the shot and proceeds to throw a rock through the window.

However, after launching the rock at the window with great force, it bounces straight off the glass into the back of other would-be burglar’s head, knocking him to the ground. To add further insult to injury, the man gives the break-in a second go, remaining blissfully unaware that he’s hit his accomplice.

Launching the rock for a second time, the man then spectacularly manages to knock himself out.

The video emerged after weatherman Steven Jacobs revealed he took it upon himself to seek out the world’s dumbest criminals, following reports that a man crashed a van packed with more than $200 million of ice into several parked police cars earlier this week.

“We’ve been running this story about the dumbest criminal in Australia this morning, who drove a van full of $200 million worth of ice into two Australian police cars,” he said. “So I went on the hunt for the dumbest global criminals.”

And the hosts of the popular breakfast show were left in hysterics over the video, with Deborah Knight saying: “That is gold. That wins the prize!”

Earlier this week NSW police had one of their “easiest” drug busts after a van packed with illegal substances crashed into two parked police cars outside of a Sydney police station, leading police right to the crime.

“This would be one of the easiest drug busts NSW Police have ever made,” Detective Chief Inspector Glyn Baker told reporters on Tuesday, according to The Guardian.

He added: “This man has certainly had a very, very bad day. Crashing into a police vehicle with that amount of drugs on board is somewhat unheard of — it’s an exceptional set of circumstances.”

CCTV footage taken outside the station shows the van, allegedly driven by 26-year-old man, Simon Tu, smashing into the parked police cars before fleeing off. However, according to the publication, the driver of the vehicle was later tracked down by police and arrested.

What do you think of the failed burglary footage? Did it make you laugh?

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