Woolworths and Coles customers furious by pet food shortage

The national shortage reportedly affects popular brands such as Whiskas, Pedigree, My Dog and Dine. Source: Facebook - Rick van Dyk

Frustrated dog and cat owners across the country have taken to social media to complain about empty shelves at Woolworths and Coles.

A dispute between Coles, Woolworths and pet food suppliers has led to the widespread shortage of pet food, according to the Herald Sun. A National Union of Workers official has claimed the shortage was related to a price war between Mars Petcare and both the major supermarket chains.

The national shortage reportedly affects popular brands such as Whiskas, Pedigree, My Dog and Dine.

Many customers have taken to social media to vent their frustration, with some saying it was “unacceptable”.

“Where’s the Whiskas cat food? I haven’t been able to get any for my senior cat for 2 weeks! Now I hear it’s a price war! Really? Not cool woolies! Hold people’s pets to ransom! Good job,” one commentator wrote.

Another added: “Come on woolies. Get the My Dog back on the shelves. Get your act together.”

And a third wrote: “Well. Went to Richlands Woollies today for my dog 100 gram sachets. Managed to get the last 12 in stock. All the dog food aisle was bare. And guess what $1.35 each one. Have never paid any thing like that. Normally $1 to $1.10 per satchel. Unbelievable the price hike given lack of stock. You should be truly ashamed of your selves.”

In a statement, Woolworths confirmed to Starts at 60 the company has been experiencing supply shortages.

“We have recently experienced some supply shortages on a few pet food lines.  We’re working with the supplier to improve availability for our customers as quickly as possible.  We apologise to customers for the inconvenience.”

Meanwhile, a Coles spokesperson told Starts at 60 a majority of products will be back on all shelves in the coming days.

“An availability issue with our supplier resulted in a number of pet food products being out of stock over the past week. The good news is that the majority of products are now back on shelves in most stores, and we expect all stores to be fully stocked in the coming days,” a spokesperson said. “We apologise to our four-legged customers who have been unable to find their favourite brand.”

What are your thoughts on this? Have you been affected?

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