‘I shot better men than you in Korea’: War veteran, 85, fights off burglar

A brave war veteran and his wife fought off a burglar who broke into their home during the night, sitting on him until police arrived. Source: Getty

A brave war veteran has been praised for fighting off a knife-wielding burglar who broke into his home in the dead of night.

John Headington, 85, bravely took down crook Robert Barnes, with the help of his wife Susan, after the 28-year-old man smashed his way into their home in South Lincolnshire, UK, in the middle of the night last November.

Having fought in the Korean War, Headington is no stranger to conflict so, when a sneaky burglar tried to steal some of his prized possessions, he wasn’t going to back down without a fight, The Daily Mirror reports.

Despite having two hip replacements, the father-of-10 launched into action, grabbing the criminal in a tight bear hug.

The burglar then fought his way out of the grip and attempted to barge past Susan, but the quick-thinking 57-year-old jabbed the intruder with her elbow, knocking him to the floor. The husband and wife duo then sat on top of the burglar, in a bid to keep him there while they waited for police to arrive.

“We don’t want you to breathe, I shot better men than you in Korea,” John said he told the burglar, who begged them to let him go.

Speaking to The Mirror following the incident, John claimed he and Susan are usually mild-mannered people but when they were faced with the burglar their first instinct was to stop him in his tracks.

The brave couple told the publication they simply reacted to the situation without thinking, managing to knock the burglar to the floor as he tried to flee.

“We just acted on instinct,” Susan explained. “The way he landed meant he was trapped between the walls and the stairs. We are not petite, but we are not heavy either.”

The criminal reportedly had no memory of the robbery, claiming he had drunk a litre of vodka and whiskey before breaking into the home.

John and Susan have since been praised for their efforts which led to the burglar being sentenced to two years and four months behind bars.

What do you think of the veteran’s actions? Have you ever confronted a burglar in your home?

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