Driver slammed for disrespectful, angry note to ambulance staff

A man in the UK accused ambulance staff for making him late to work as they had parked at the end of his driveway while they cared for a patient. Source: Getty

An angry driver has labelled hardworking ambulance staff as “assholes” after they blocked his driveway while trying to save a person’s life.

Paramedics in Manchester returned to their vehicle after helping a sick patient, to find a disrespectful note on the windscreen.

The frustrated resident claimed the ambulance officers were “inconsiderate” and had made him late to work.

The handwritten note read: “Thanks for blocking me in asshole. Just took me 20 mins [sic] to try and shunt out of drive along pavement.

“So inconsiderate… whole road empty and block driveway. Your [sic] an asshole and I’m going to be late for work thanks to you dickhead.”

Hitting back at the angry person’s message, paramedics shared the note online, calling for an end to the abuse of ambulance staff.

“We hate to get in the way but the needs of our patients are our number one priority,” the post on Twitter read.  “Stop abuse.”

The post was met with plenty of outrage from social media users who were shocked that someone could be so disrespectful to paramedics who work diligently to save lives every day.

“Ignorant through and through, hope they’re ashamed of themselves,” one person wrote. “Feel free to block my drive any time day or night.”

Another added: “But that’s one of their neighbours that’s ill! Why can’t we just stop and think before ranting at people? Stand at your house and take a photo and send it to your boss with a note… ‘sorry, might be late for work, neighbours not well’. Any decent boss will understand”.

While a third simply said: “Such a lack of respect”.

This is sadly not the first time ambulance staff have been targeted.

Earlier this year an ambulance in Queensland was left out of action after a rock was hurled at the vehicle that was responding to a person in need.

Frustrated, the Queensland Ambulance Service shared a photograph of the damage to the vehicle on its official Facebook page in hopes to bring the culprit to justice. “How is this for an example of moronic senseless stupidity?” they asked.

How is this for an example of moronic senseless stupidity? Around 1235hrs today whilst responding to a person in need a…

Posted by Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) on Saturday, March 24, 2018

“Around 1235hrs today whilst responding to a person in need a rock was allegedly thrown from the overpass just prior to the Smith street exit on the M1 southbound at Gaven shattering the windscreen of an Ambulance unit. Thankfully our crew is ok and uninjured.”

The service was thankful that nobody got hurt, but expressed their concern that the attack had potentially stopped them from reaching a person in need. “Besides the obvious consequences this idiotic act could have caused, there may well have been a delay in getting to what could have been a life-threatening case,” they continued.

“Thankfully for the patient this crew was attending there was no detriment, but if it would have been a cardiac arrest things could have been very different. Let’s hope the individual responsible takes a moment to think, it could have been one of their loved ones our crew was attending. If anyone has any information on this incident please message us or call QPS.”

What are your thoughts on this? 

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