Circus horror: Shocking footage shows moment trapeze artist fell 11 metres

The aerial performer luckily escaped with just two broken hands. Source: Twitter/9News Adelaide and 7News.

Horrifying footage has revealed the moment that a 28-year-old trapeze artist plummet more than 11 metres to the ground during a live performance in Adelaide.

Aired by Nine News, the footage – which does not show the fall in its entirety – shows the moment Gabby Souza slipped from an aerial ring, as horrified audience members, including children enjoying school holidays, can be heard screaming and gasping in shock.

Tuesday night’s ‘Circus Rio’ performance, at Wigley Reserve in Glenelg, was brought to abrupt finish after the aerial acrobat suffered what has been described as an “unfortunate accident” which saw her elaborate hoop act end in disaster as she fell 11 metres, landing on the wooden floor below.

While another said: “Some people thought it was part of the show. Obviously it was a terrible accident.”

It has since been confirmed that the performer is now stable and “smiling” in hospital following the shocking incident, in which she broke both of her hands.

Circus Rio released a statement shortly after the incident, confirming Gabby was “okay” and on the “road to recovery” having been rushed to Royal Adelaide Hospital from the scene.

Being a performer is her livelihood and she hopes that her fans and friends will continue to support her fellow cast at Circusrio,” the statement read. “While Gabby will need time to recover, it can be assured that the conditions were safe and our performers love what they do.”

Well-wishers commented on the post, shared on the circus troupe’s Facebook page, sending their thoughts and prayers to the performer for a speedy recovery, with some revealing they were there and witnessed the fall.

One said: “Wow, after seeing the fall it’s fair to say Gabby is a very lucky girl! So glad to hear she is ok! It was very confronting, especially for our kids to see but they will be happy to know all is ok.”

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