Tough love: Mum hands son into police over vicious attack on girl

So far, no arrests have been made in relation to the incident. Source: Getty.

Nowadays it is often said that parents don’t instil a sense of respect for authority in children, with many mums and dads quick to defend their little ones against tellings-off from other parents, teachers or even police officers. 

However one mum has been praised for dishing out some tough love to her son after he was caught on camera allegedly knocking an 18-year-old reveller to the ground outside of a nightclub.

Shocking footage, published on the Mail Online, emerged on Tuesday which appears to show the 20-year-old hitting the young woman twice in the face as they argued outside a venue in Essex, UK, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

After seeing her son’s face splashed across several news sites, the mum collared her son and marched him down to the nearest police station, forcing him to talk to cops over the altercation.

The clip shows the man standing with his arms crossed as the woman screams in his face, before he appears to land his first blow. The woman then approaches him again, to which he seemingly retaliates by launching a second punch which knocks her to the ground, as onlookers gasp in shock.

People were quick to praise the mum for handing him over to police in relation to the altercation. One user, commenting on the original story, saying: “I am glad his own Mother handed him over. She says he hardly goes out anymore, well thank god for that if this is what he’s like.”

One said: “Gotta love that mum!”

While another wrote: “Good mum that knows right from wrong.”

Mobile phone footage of the attack has been widely shared online since the weekend, with Scotland Yard confirming that they are treating the incident as GBH. However no arrests have yet been made, and the mother told the Mail Online that the clip only shows a “fraction of the real story.”

“He wouldn’t do that for no reason. That’s all I’ll say for now because we’re about to meet with our solicitor to go to the police station and give a statement. The police have assured me that they have the full CCTV footage so will know what went on beforehand.”

What do you think? Would you hand your own child in if you suspected they had committed a crime?

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