‘Neighbours from hell’ no more: Revolutionary app cracks down on noisy party-goers

Residents in parts of Victoria are trialling a new app where they can dob in noisy neighbours through the click of a button. Source: Getty

There’s nothing worse than getting settled in bed only to be kept awake for hours by thumping music or loud voices coming from a neighbour’s house, but now a controversial new app could spell the end of noisy neighbours for good, making it easier than ever to dob in the culprits.

People across Victoria can now grass up their neighbours with just the click of a button if they feel they’re making too much noise, saving residents the time and hassle of calling the local council to lodge a complaint.

The “revolutionary” Noise App is currently being trialled through parts of the eastern state, with residents in certain areas given the opportunity to make complaints about everything from barking dogs to raucous parties, The Herald Sun reports.

All registered users have to do is simply record the noise on their phone and send the file, which is stamped with the date and time, directly to the council’s database.

The app is said to eliminate neighbourhood retribution and confrontations with no need to jump out of bed in your pyjamas and knock on the door of a 20-something neighbour who may be hosting as out of control house party.

The idea has been praised by many Aussies who are sick of being woken up by those in their street, claiming their “neighbours from hell” need to be taught a lesson.

“Great idea,” one person commented on Facebook. “Who wants to try and ask partygoers to turn the music down. They are not normally full or tea or coffee and lollies and thinking rationally.”

Another added: “Yes I have the neighbours from hell. When they have a party it starts after lunch and continues until 9am the next day.”

While a third agreed writing: “My neighbours are drug induced schizophrenics and play drums and doof doof music at all hours of the night starting at 10pm and it’s usually during the week when everyone else has to get up early for work.”

However, it hasn’t impressed everyone with some claiming it will lead to further problems in communities with people recording noise from their own home and saying it is their neighbours.

Speaking on the Today show on Tuesday morning Aussie comedian Lawrence “Moonman” Mooney said it just adds to the dobbing culture that is “exploding” across Australia.

“I think if you’ve got a noisy neighbour, go and knock on their door and ask them what’s going on and introduce yourself, it doesn’t have to be confrontational, it can actually be quite a rational discussion,” he explained on the program.

“This app just adds to the Australian dobbing culture that is exploding and the idea of dobbing someone into the council anonymously just doesn’t sit well with me. Either go and confront the person or live with it.”

His comment was echoed by fellow Aussies who expressed their thoughts online with some claiming the app was a recipe for disaster.

“This is terrible, what’s the world coming to,” one person exclaimed on Facebook. “This can be used to harass neighbours. What’s wrong with knocking on a door or having a friendly relationship with your neighbours to be able to talk to them.”

A second chimed in: “How about having a civil talk to your neighbour instead of being a dobbing sook. Makes a bit more sense really.”

And another wrote: “Someone who hates their neighbour could just turn their own stereo up loud and record it and say it was their neighbour just to get them in trouble … this is an absolutely ridiculous and flawed idea.”

Do you think the Noise App is a good idea? Is it something you would make use of to stop the noise, or do you think it would create more problems? Do you have issues with your neighbours?

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