Steve Price slams vegan activists’ ‘disgraceful’ farm protests in fiery outburst

Steve Price lashed out at vegan activist Chris Delforce during a heated segment on The Project. Source: Twitter/ The Project

Radio host Steve Price has locked horns with a passionate animal rights activist in a fiery exchange on The Project in which he labelled recent protests on Aussie farms “disgraceful”.

The 65-year-old joined the panel on Monday night to discuss the NSW Government’s new laws to stop protestors from trespassing on property’s in the state.

From August 1 protestors will receive on the spot fines of $1,000 for trespassing on private land, which could rise to up to $220,000 for individuals and $440,000 for groups depending on what damage they cause. There has also been talk of enforcing jail time in the state, while the Federal Government is set to roll out new laws as well.

Activist Chris Delforce appeared on the program to share his thoughts on the laws with hosts questioning him over whether or not it will impact his actions against Aussie farmers.

“I think as long as there isn’t transparency, there isn’t openness in these industries into what’s happening in these places, people are always wanting to go in and stop what’s happening,” he claimed on The Project.

This didn’t sit well with Price who hit out at the activist for releasing a map earlier this year with details of farmers and their addresses. The host of 2GB claimed it was “disgraceful” and said farmers are fearing for their lives thinking their properties could be stormed by protestors any moment.

“That disgraceful map that you produced which allows you to go and invade people’s private property – that’s probably the reason why these tougher laws have been introduced,” Price exclaimed.

“How would you feel if we produced a map of where all the vegans in Australia live and invite people to go and kick your front door and complain about what you’re doing?”

To which Delfore replied: “Nobody’s inviting anyone to go kick anyone’s front door.”

Price didn’t give him the opportunity to finish his sentence, cutting him off by saying: “Well that’s what you’re doing. You’re scaring children and scaring farmers.”

The activist then chimed in explaining that activists haven’t gone near farmers’ homes or incited any violence towards them. However, Price didn’t agree claiming farmers were “too scared” to leave their properties for fear protestors would show up when their children were still home.

“Farmers are not scared of non-violent vegan activists who are simply trying to get into these sheds which are actually far away usually from the homes,” Delfore replied.

“It’s private property, mate. You have no right to go there,” Price shot back.

To which the activist claimed: “Industries have no right to abuse animals in secrecy. If they think what they’re doing is okay they should be transparent and open about it. They should say to the Australian public, ‘this is what’s happening,’ and allow them to make up their own minds.”

The heated exchange was stopped by fellow host Carrie Bickmore who interjected with her own question to Delforce about if he would risk being fined thousands of dollars or potentially landing in jail for trespassing on private property.

“As long as these places exist, people are going to try and capture evidence of what’s happening and try and stop it,” he replied.

What do you think of the new laws? Do you think it is a good idea? Or do you believe activists have the right to enter a farmer’s property to protest?

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