Steve Price blasts justice system over release of ‘evil creep’ Michael Guider

Sep 05, 2019
Steve Price said that the law needs to change when it comes to life sentences. Source: 10Play/The Project.

Earlier this week it was revealed that convicted killer and paedophile Michael Guider is set to be released from prison after a judge rejected an application to keep him behind bars for a further year following the expiration of his jail term. As a result, the 68-year-old could walk free as early as today as he is due to be released on a five-year extended supervision order.

Despite Guider having served his sentence for the 1986 killing of nine-year-old schoolgirl Samantha Knight, many people were outraged by the news that he would be released. One such person was The Project’s Steve Price who appeared on the Channel Ten show to explain why he believes the “evil paedophile creep” should never be freed.

“There’s a clear reason … and it’s one very good reason,” Price said. “He pleaded guilty to the murder of Samantha Knight as we know and through all the time he’s spent in jail he’s never ever revealed what he did to Samantha Knight and where he disposed of her body, and that’s what her mother wants.

“If you’re going to let this guy out, you’ve surely got to say to him ‘You’re only going to get out, you creep, if you tell us what you did to Samantha Knight and where you disposed of her body’. That’s very simple. The courts have decided to let him out, I had hoped that he would rot in jail.”

However panellist Waleed Aly questioned Price’s view, pointing out that Guider had served the set jail term handed down to him in court after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of the schoolgirl in 2002 – 16 years after Samantha vanished without a trace. But Price hit back, calling for something to be done about the way killers are sentenced when no body has been found.

He added: “Maybe what we need to do Waleed is change the law so if someone pleads guilty to murder, then they are in jail for the term of their natural life unless they reveal what they’ve done with the body if the body’s not been found.

“Think of that poor girl’s mother. This creep, 60 offences against 11 little girls and boys. Why we’re even having a discussion about letting him outside jail is beyond me.”

Earlier this week Samantha Knight’s mother Tess spoke out about his impending release, telling reporters outside NSW Supreme Court of her shock that Guider will not remain behind bars over the death of her daughter. Outraged that Guider would not carry out a longer sentence, Tess explained she wasn’t disappointed, just angry.

Although she was glad the killer would be placed under strict supervision, the mother claimed it is not enough, with the family still searching for answers as to where Samantha’s body was left.

“We should all be shocked,” she told reporters on Tuesday. “He hasn’t demonstrated that he’s changed. So not only hasn’t he told us what he did with Samantha’s body – and there will be no body to find anymore, it’s a long time – but he hasn’t given me and my family and Samantha’s friends any details of what happened that day.”

Guider initially pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Samantha in 2002. However, he has since claimed that he did not kill her, adding that he will continue to deny responsibility for the rest of his life.

As well as serving time for manslaughter, the convicted paedophile was also jailed for a number of sex offences which occurred between 1980 and 1996. He first landed behind bars in 1996 after pleading guilty to 60 counts of sex abuse with further offences coming forward in 2000.

According to multiple reports he would sometimes drug the children, dissolving sleeping tablets in soft drinks, and then assault them. The sexual abuse charges were all served concurrently and therefore overlapped, cutting down the time Guider spent in prison.

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