Ray Hadley has the last laugh as he hilariously pokes fun at toilet roll frenzy

Mar 10, 2020
The 2GB presenter shared the tongue-in-cheek video on Facebook. Source: Getty.

You’d have to have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks to avoid the ongoing toilet roll crisis that has swept the nation.

But, as a portion of the population ransack the shelves of their local supermarkets to stock up on loo roll, many Australians have started to do what we do best, make light of an otherwise sticky situation – and no one has done so more cheekily than Ray Hadley.

The popular radio host shared a hilarious video on social media this week which showed him stealing tens of rolls of office-size toilet roll from the Nova offices.

“I hope the boys from Nova don’t miss these,” he says, peering out from between the packets of dunny roll that he has balanced on his shoulders. “Good luck!”

Ray steals Nova toilet paper

Ray has knocked off the remaining toilet paper from the Nova office. Good luck Fitzy & Wippa 🧻🙋🏼‍♂️

Posted by The Ray Hadley Morning Show on Sunday, 8 March 2020

Followers of The Ray Hadley Morning Show page on Facebook got a giggle out of Ray’s post, which attracted hundreds of comments as people cracked their own jokes about the situation.

One person wrote: “Brilliant. Nothing like toilet roll humour.” Another said: “One of your best Ray. All we can do in this ridiculous situation is laugh. Thanks Ray for the laugh.”

While another commented: “Don’t walk out on the street with that Ray, you’ll get mugged…” And another follower joked: “I only hope you have a good defence lawyer, Ray, because the evidence is pretty conclusive!”

One Starts at 60 member came up with a crafty way around the current toilet paper shortage. Source: Supplied.

Ray isn’t the only one who’s had a laugh over the recent panic-buying situation though, which has seen supermarkets such as Coles and Woolies having to enforce a purchase cap on such goods. Some crafty Aussies have put their skills to good use and come up with some ingenious ways to get around the toilet paper and tissue shortage.

One Starts at 60 community member put her knitting skills to good use to create some “reusable toilet paper” out of wool. Posting an image of her handiwork in the Starts at 60 Crafter’s Group, she wrote: “New craft idea. This could be a winner atm [at the moment]. Reusable toilet paper.”

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Have you stocked up on toilet roll? Or do you think people are panicking unnecessarily?

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