‘Shame on them’: Police slammed after pulling hearse over for breath testing

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A hearse was travelling to a cemetery when it was pulled over for random breath testing. Source: Getty

Police have been slammed for pulling over a hearse which was making its way to a burial, in an incident that has shocked Australians, with many claiming the cops’ actions were incredibly “disrespectful”.

According to the publication, the post described the incident as “disrespectful” and said the driver was “in tears” after being pulled over while travelling to the funeral.

Generation Funerals has since confirmed the events that were carried out, taking to social media to share the details of what actually happened on Tuesday.

“Yesterday whilst in a Funeral Cortege to the cemetery with family following we were stopped by Queensland Police in Dalby at a static roadside breath and drug test targeting the Fatal Five,” the company wrote on Facebook.

“Our staff and the family following in cortege followed the direction of Queensland Police at all times.”

They continued: “While we strongly support the endeavors [sic] of Queensland Police to target the Fatal Five, stopping an active funeral cortege is inappropriate and can cause unnecessary additional stress on the family of the deceased, our staff and additional time on the funeral service process.

“Police are investigating the incident and have been in contact with the family and our staff involved.”

The post outraged Aussies who have since claimed that the police had no right to make the driver pull over during what would have already been a stressful and emotional time.

Sharing their thoughts on Facebook one person wrote: “Wow unbelievable, terrible that this happened.” Another added: “Shame on them as if it’s not already a sad time. Where is the respect.”

While a third said: “It’s great that you have reported/questioned this. I hope it will make a difference for the future… but very sad that it happened in this instance.”

However, there were a select few who were understanding of the police, claiming although an obviously difficult situation, there should be no boundaries around who can and cannot be tested.

“While it may seem lacking in protocol it does show that no one is exempt from being tested,” someone commented on Facebook. “There is nothing stopping a driver in a funeral procession from being over the limit, in fact there are many who have a drink to subdue the anguish.”

Queensland Police have responded to the plethora of backlash faced, confirming to The Courier Mail that the driver was pulled over, however, when officers noticed it was a hearse they sent them on their way.

They claimed officers did not notice it was a hearse at first glance but when they came to the realisation they decided against breath testing the driver.

Do you think the police should be allowed to pull over hearse drivers for breath testing?

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