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Prince William shows off his ‘dad dance’ skills

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Sometimes you just have to dance.  Who can’t relate to that?  The right song comes on and your feet start tapping and the next thing you know you are up and grooving.  It can happen to anyone, including the second in line for the throne of Britain.

While many are always looking to find “dirt” or “gossip” on the royals it’s nice that we can see them have a bit of fun.  Away from his official duties and on a “Dad’s night out” Prince William was videoed by a club videographer by chance “busting a move” to one of his favourite songs.

Many online pointed out what he’s doing is “dad dancing” which is supposedly how a father dances to embarrass his children. Others argued it was just a man having a great time and who can’t understand that feeling. Since his children were also not there, we can only assume it was just having a good time.  Good on ya, William!

What do you think of Prince William’s dance moves? Did you children ever complain about your “mum dancing” “or “dad dancing”?

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