Pauline Hanson is the latest pollie to pull on heartstrings ahead of election

Pauline Hanson supporters said they were left in tears by the video. Source: Hanson's Please Explain

With just nine days to go before polling stations across the country open, Australia’s leading politicians are pulling out the big guns in a bid to win favour and now One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has jumped on the bandwagon.

On the same day that Labor leader Bill Shorten delivered an emotional speech to reporters, hitting out at a recent article about his late mother, the Queensland Senator shared an emotional video of her own on Facebook as she “surprised” a long-time supporter who wrote to the politician during her time in prison.

The video was a far cry from Hanson’s usual piece to camera clips, as the 64-year-old revealed she was about to meet a young woman named Georgie, who was one of 4,000 people that wrote to her when she was behind bars in 2003.

“Through a friend, I’ve been invited to actually meet her,” Pauline says in the video, shared on her Please Explain Facebook page. “It’s a big surprise to her. She doesn’t know I’m here but let’s see how it goes.”

Georgie then appears on camera and reveals that she sent Pauline some crossword puzzles from a magazine and wrote a letter to the politician, not expecting a reply.

“One day I came home from school and there was a letter in the mailbox and I could tell it was adults handwriting so it wasn’t a kids’ party invitation,” Georgie said. “She replied with this two-page letter and I was stoked.”

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Georgie, now in her late 20s, also revealed that she never threw the letter away and it’s been on her bedside table ever since. Georgie read the letter and burst into tears when Pauline walked through the door.

“I don’t know what to say. I’m shaking like a leaf,” an emotional Georgie told Pauline. “This feels so funny.”

Pauline told Georgie she still has a box of letters and that she could only reply to “special” letters she received in prison.

“The support I received is actually what kept me going,” she said. “You, so young, actually taking the time to write to me was so special and that’s why you got a response.”

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Hanson isn’t the only politician who has had an emotional week though as, on Wednesday, Labor leader Bill Shorten was close to tears as he delivered a moving speech and slammed media reports about his mum Dr Ann Shorten and her struggle to find work in her 50s.

The opposition leader, 51, singled out newspaper The Daily Telegraph for accusing him of omitting details about his mum’s time working in law during a speech on Q&A on Monday night.

During the segment on the ABC program, Shorten labelled his mum an “inspiration” for holding back her own dreams of working as a lawyer to support her family.

The Daily Telegraph then published an article revealing she did eventually end up working in law later in life, after studying at Monash University, publishing it with the headline: “Labor leader Bill Shorten’s heartfelt story about his mother was missing one vital fact.”

Trying his best to hold back tears, the politician labelled the recent article “bloody lazy editorial” and “rubbish”.

What do you think of the video? Do you admire politicians who share their emotions, or prefer them to stick to policy?

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