‘This is shameful’: One Nation truck ‘torched’ in post-election incident

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The One Nation truck reportedly went up in flames while candidate Adam Lambert was inside a grocery store. Source: Twitter/ Pauline Hanson and Facebook./ Adam Lambert for TAS Senate - Pauline Hanson's One Nation

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson was left outraged at the weekend after one of her party’s trucks was set alight in Tasmania.

The politician took to social media on Sunday night with a shocking video showing the vehicle going up in flames after it had allegedly been torched in a shopping centre car park.

Hanson claimed candidate Adam Lambert had quickly ducked inside to buy groceries only to return to find the truck engulfed in flames.


“Our One Nation truck in Tasmania was parked outside a shop while our candidate was buying groceries,” she wrote in a post on Twitter alongside the footage.

“Someone was seen torching it before fleeing. It is amazing how the left call for tolerance but act like they’re above the law when you don’t agree with their ideologies.”

Lambert also expressed his frustration, taking to social media to share his thoughts on the event after the situation had calmed down.

In a video posted on Facebook from the scene the hopeful said: “You see a lot of red, blue flashing lights going on. This is the way I returned to the vehicle coming out of the shopping centre this evening. This is post-election, this is after it’s all said and done.”

Lambert went on to praise One Nation supporters and hit out at those who left his vehicle in flames.

“The way I figure it is, if you don’t like us, don’t vote for us,” he continued. “But for those magnificent supporters who have voted for us, well this is a little bit more encouragement on why we have to work a bit harder for you guys next time.

The candidate added: “What a mess, what a mess… when you look at this you can see why we are all out here battling for you guys.”

While further details of the incident are yet to be released Tasmania Police have confirmed they are treating the case as “suspicious”.

The incident has outraged One Nation supporters who left comments of support for the party on social media.

“That’s so wrong, people need to respect property and the value of decency in today’s society,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Madness, absolutely disgraceful behaviour, whether it’s from the left or the right,” another added.

While a third said: “Very, very disappointing. There is no room in our country for this. We have a strong democracy, held up as an example internationally on how to behave. This is shameful.”

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