Boris Johnson and Donald Trump praise Australia’s strict approach to immigration

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have claimed the two nations can learn a lot from Australia's immigration policy. Source: Getty

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have praised Australia’s approach to immigration, claiming the two nations can learn a lot from the way things are handled in the Land Down Under.

Johnson said the public’s faith in Britain’s policy would be renewed if they were to follow Australia’s lead, with more control over who can and cannot cross the border.

According to the news outlet, this is not the first time the Conservative party leadership frontrunner has expressed his views on immigration, having previously shown his support for more Australian migration.

Currently Australians must undergo a difficult process to migrate to the UK, including paying hefty fees, while there are also strict caps on the number of people allowed to apply. However, those within Europe hoping to move to the country are currently able to travel in and out without a specific visa, as the country awaits an agreement on Brexit.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has also thrown his support behind Australia’s policy amid the growing Mexican border crisis, taking to social media this week to express his thoughts on immigration.

The 45th president of the United States posted images on Twitter of four Australian pamphlets warning against people arriving by boat, with hopes of settling in the country.

One of the pamphlets read: “No way. You will not make Australia home.” While another said: “The Australian government has introduced the toughest border protection measures ever.”

Trump praised the Australian government for its strict policies, writing: “These flyers depict Australia’s policy on illegal immigration. Much can be learned!”

Their comments follow news earlier this year that the number of migrants granted permanent visas to reside in Australia is set to dramatically reduce in coming years as it was reported the Coalition were preparing to announce plans to slash the country’s immigration intake.

The proposed move, which had reportedly been given the green light by Cabinet, would see the official ceiling on numbers cut from the current figure of 190,000, which was imposed by the Coalition in 2015. It was also revealed that the government would seek to settle a greater number of the general skilled migrant stream in cities outside of Melbourne and Sydney, with visa conditions requiring applicants to reside in regional centres for at least five years.

Speaking on Sky News at the time, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “It’s about the composition of your migration programme and how that’s structured. Ensuring that you’re taking the opportunities where there needs to be more population growth and easing the pressures in the places where population growth is causing negative impact.

“Managing population growth isn’t just about the migration intake, it’s about the destination migration agreements, it’s about infrastructure and congestion busting, it’s about city deals that provide for the quality of life for people who live in our urban centres, it’s about all of these things. That’s how you manage the impact of population growth.”

What do you think of Australia’s immigration policies? Do you think current migration levels are too high or do you think more people should be allowed into the country?

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