Alan Jones calls for ‘grub’ Malcolm Turnbull to be expelled from Liberal party

As well as comparing former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to Kevin Rudd, Alan Jones called him "a grub". Source: Getty.

Alan Jones is never one to hold back when it comes to airing his true feelings, regularly launching into scathing rants whilst on air on 2GB. And it was former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull who found himself on the receiving end of a verbal bashing on Jones’ radio show on Wednesday.

Jones’ stern words came after Turnbull voiced his “concerns” about a meeting that took place between Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and a Chinese billionaire.

Dutton was forced to defend himself on Tuesday after newspaper reports emerged that lobbyist Santo Santoro had been paid tens of thousands of dollars to arrange a meeting between Dutton and Huang Xiangmo who, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, was touting for Australian citizenship.

The member for Dickson defended himself, claiming he was never paid a penny to meet with anyone and clarifying that Xiangmo has been banned from reentering the country, after his citizenship bid was denied.

Despite being ousted from the top job in August last year, Turnbull waded into the argument, telling reporters he was “very, very concerned”.

“Scott Morrison is the prime minister and you can’t wave this off and say it is all part of gossip and the bubble. This is the national security of Australia,” Mr Turnbull said, reports

“Remember the furore that arose about Sam Dastyari? All the same issues have arisen again. I think it is very, very concerning and very troubling for anyone. This has to be addressed at the highest level of security, priority, urgency by the prime minister. The buck stops with him.”

Jones thought Turnbull should keep his nose out of the party business though, comparing him to former Labor leader Kevin Rudd.

He said: “Just as the polls turn around, Malcolm Turnbull comes out again. Malcolm Turnbull, eh? Well it’s Kevin Rudd isn’t it. He’s just a grub.”

Jones also called for Turnbull to be booted out of the party he used to lead, adding: “I don’t know why people don’t just expel these people from the party. That’s what should happen.”

Ex-Liberal leader Turnbull also publicly put pressure on his successor Scott Morrison to look into the meetings between Dutton and the Communist-aligned billionaire, calling for the matter to be “addressed at the highest level of security, priority, urgency by the prime minister”. He added: “The buck stops with him.”

Morrison rubbished claims of corruption on Tuesday, describing the Coalition as “squeaky clean”.

“The individual you’re referring to has actually been prevented from ever returning back to Australia,” he said during an appearance in Gosford.

“I think when it comes to these issues our government’s record is squeaky clean.”

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