Head-first into a fire storm: Terrifying bodycam footage shows heroic police rescue

Sep 12, 2019
Bodyca footage has revealed police driving straight into a firestorm in the Sunshine Coast to save residents. Source: Twitter/ The Today Show

As the terrifying bushfires continue to wreak havoc on communities across Queensland the brave actions of police have been revealed with incredible footage showing their amazing efforts to save Aussies young and old.

For the past few days firefighters have been working day and night to get the numerous blazes in control with the frightening fire in the Sunshine Coast currently the main concern. Now video taken from cameras strapped to heroic police officers has been released showing just how close to the flames they too have got.

The vision shared on the Today show on Thursday morning showed the police driving directly into the fire at Peregian Beach to save those at risk. At one point a police officer can be heard yelling out to passing drivers to head north to escape the flames, while further footage showed them helping an elderly man leave his home.

“Gonna give you a hand mate, there’s a fire coming,” one man can be heard saying to the resident who was unaware of just how close the flames had come. “We gotta leave now.”

“How far?” the elderly man asks the police. To which they reply: “There’s housing burning behind you. Houses in the street behind you mate … behind you is on fire, we gotta go.”

The video then shows the officers leading the elderly man out of his home as the fire moves closer at a rapid speed. “You’re almost there mate,” one firefighter can be heard encouraging him.

Speaking to the Today show on Thursday two of the police officers shared further details of the dramatic rescue, explaining they just wanted to get as many residents to safety as they could. “I now understand what a fire storm is and it’s not something you want to go into,” Senior Constable Darryl Campbell told host Deb Knight.

“The only thing that was going through my mind was just to get as many people out as quickly as possible. There is no point in being flustered when you’re there. You’re only going to get them in a bit more of a panic.”

Meanwhile fellow officer Senior Constable Cameron McLean took the opportunity to praise the firefighters who have faced many days amid the blazes. “Hats off to the firies who are probably thrust into that a lot more than us obviously,” he said. “They do a fantastic job.”

The release of the footage comes just a day after the emotional moment a rural firefighter from Ballandean, a town in Queensland, saved his home from a fast-approaching fire was captured on camera – showing the heartbreaking reality of the bushfires.

Rural firefighter Aaron Cox has been praised online after his wife Bindi took a moving photo of him moments after he saved their home from the fires. In the emotional photo, Aaron is pictured sat down and pressing both hands against his face.

According to an ABC report, his wife captioned the powerful post with: “This is a man who has fought hard for his community since Friday and has just finished the epic fight to save his own house when he had nothing left in the tank to begin with.

“I know you think this photo makes you look vulnerable but in that moment we both felt this. No-one understands what a bushfire does to you until you have to fight.”

Many people on social media have since praised the firefighter for his brave efforts, with one writing: “Thankyou for all your efforts and letting your wife share this. It doesn’t just show vulnerability it shows strength, emotion, determination, honour, respect more.”

Another added: “Aaron congratulations and what a wonderful and powerful image. As a still active Volunteer Fire fighter myself I am always impressed when I see men such as you show that you are human!”

While a third wrote: “This image bought me to tears.I have so much respect and appreciation for what you and your teams do Aaron.” Meanwhile, another commented: “A powerful photo. Glad you managed to save your home. You guys do so much to help the community. Well done to you all.”

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