Pauline Hanson hits out: Julie Bishop ‘doesn’t have to work’ due to huge pension

Pauline Hanson slammed former foreign minister Julie Bishop in a fiery rant on Tuesday's Today show. Source: Twitter - Today

Pauline Hanson has hit out at claims surrounding Julie Bishop’s next career move in a fiery rant on Tuesday’s Today show, saying the former politician “doesn’t have to find another job” thanks to the hefty pollie pension she’ll receive.

The One Nation leader’s comments came after it was reported that the former foreign minister was in talks to host her own TV talk show called The Conversation with Julie Bishop which would allegedly see her interview high-profile guests, such as Michelle Obama, Princess Mary and Oprah Winfrey, just to name a few.

But when asked if the senator would watch the new talk show, Hanson said it wouldn’t “interest her whatsoever”.

“I wasn’t tuned in when she was in parliament so I am really not going to tune into,” Hanson told Georgie Gardner. “She is trying to sell herself. Do I really want to watch her? No, I don’t. Leave it up to the other people. No, sorry, I’m not interested.”

The senator then questioned Bishop’s career prospects, adding: “She is retiring on over $200,000 a year from the taxpayers so she really doesn’t have to find another job.

“Good luck to her if she wants to. She hasn’t been offered this. She is putting it out there that she wants to do this. I would love to do a lot of things myself, whether I am going to be be taken up or not, but my time is in politics.”

However, Bishop has since described the reports about her pushing a new TV show as a “complete beat-up”, after it was revealed the former politician has landed a board director role at the international consultancy Palladium.

This is Bishop’s first job since she announced her resignation from politics in February – just six months after she went up against Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton for leadership of the Liberal Party following the ousting of Malcolm Turnbull.

Bishop told The Australian Financial Review joining Palladium will continue her “long-standing personal interest” in economic development.

“I’ve long believed the private sector is the key to lifting living standards and economic development,” she told The AFR.

“It’s a long-standing personal interest of mine and working with a private company like Palladium will help me continue to work for opportunities in the Pacific and PNG.”

Meanwhile, the news comes a month after Bishop announced she is also becoming chair of the Telethon Kids Institute.

Do you agree with Pauline Hanson’s comments? Would you watch Julie Bishop’s new talk show?

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