Don’t call us seniors! Over 55s don’t want to be labelled ‘old’

A recent survey has revealed the majority of over 55's don't like the term seniors. Source: Getty

The term seniors could be a thing of the past if over 55s have their way with new research revealing the word is not considered appropriate among much of the generation.

A survey undertaken by market research company Ipsos has found Baby Boomers, as they are alternatively known, would prefer to bid farewell to the seemingly innocent term that is used widely across the globe.

This data didn’t come as a shock to CARP (Canadian Association for Retired Persons) chief advocacy and engagement officer Wanda Morris who said the typical 55-year-old would certainly not consider themselves a senior, with the term more fitting to those over the age of 80.

Speaking to the Kenora Miner and News, Morris explained there needs to be a cut off with what age is considered senior to better portray the specific generation.

“For a 55-year-old to think of themselves of a senior, they’re thinking of the 80, 90, the 100-year-old,” she told the publication.

“And that is such a gap that it’s inappropriate as putting say a range of 15 to 45-year-olds and expecting the homogenous term to apply to them. And I think there is a lot of age discrimination (due to mental or physical challenges) and it is in Canada as everywhere else so people don’t look forward to being older.

“And senior is definitely a term that applies to being older.”

While CARP uses the term “Canadians, as we age” to describe over 55s, Morris said there are more simple ways to identify the generation. She recommended calling people in the age group Baby Boomers, which is the term used specifically for those born between 1946 and 1964.

While others have reportedly suggested terms such as Nyppies (Not Yet Past It) or Owls (Older, Working Less, Still earning).

What are your thoughts on the term seniors? Do you mind people using the term to describe you or would you rather be identified using a different word?

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