One lucky Australian is $40 million richer but they don’t know it


One extremely lucky Queenslander is $40 million richer today, but with one catch. They don’t know it. 

That’s right. Last night’s jackpot Oz Lotto draw resulted in one lucky division one winner, however the ticket is unregistered so the identity of the new multi-millionaire remains a mystery. 

Golden Casket is urging all Queenslanders with a ticket in last night’s draw 1215 to check their tickets today, and call 131 868 if they are the winner.

The winning numbers were 1, 35, 31, 19, 4, 13 and 26. The supplementary numbers were 25 and 37.

Golden Casket spokesperson Matt Hart told The Courier Mail that he was eagerly waiting for Australia’s newest multi-millionaire to make contact and start the prize claim process.

“With $40 million up for grabs, last night’s Oz Lotto draw was one of the most hotly anticipated draws of the year and one Queensland player won it all,” he said.

Last night’s jackpot was the third highest Australian lottery jackpot of the year. 

They are not the only unregistered Lotto winner unaware of their good fortune, with a syndicate of 10 winning $1 million from a Canley Vale Newsagency on Monday, with several of the players remaining unknown. 

It’s not quite as huge as $40 million, but $100,000 each could still be life-changing for many!

Have you ever won anything in the Lotto?

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