Wheelchair-bound grandad, 63, struggling to sleep after ‘sickening’ bashing

Grandfather Neil Khallouf, 63, was bashed and robbed by two people when he was just metres from his home in Melbourne. Source: Twitter/ Nine News Melbourne

A wheelchair-bound grandad said he’s scared and struggling to sleep after being bashed senselessly during a random and vicious mugging near his home in Melbourne.

Neil Khallouf was just metres from his house in Brunswick when he was taken upon by two thugs who beat him almost unconscious and left him bleeding, disoriented and alone, Nine News reports.

Confined to a wheelchair, the 63-year-old was unable to fight back against the attackers described as being of a dark complexion and could do nothing when the pair stole his phone and money on his return home from the shops.

Speaking to Nine News about the terrible incident, Neil said he was confused and disoriented after the attack and struggled to find his way back home for help. Fighting back tears as he recalled the horrific incident, the grandfather-of-five admitted he’s still struggling and finds it hard to even hold down food.

“I can’t sleep and I can’t eat,” he told the news outlet. “And I’m worried and I’m scared and I’m not usually like that.

“They’re cowards. They’re scumbags.”

Reaching out to Nine News for help, Neil said he’s scared they will hurt someone else and cause even more damage than they did to him.

“It’s really cowardly to hit somebody just in a wheelchair that there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to go and he can’t defend himself,” he told the program. “They must be stopped before they hurt somebody badly.”

Meanwhile, Victoria Police Detective Jessie Foley described the attack as “sickening” and said Neil was simply going about his business when he was set upon by the two who appeared from the bushes.

“He was just trying to go about his business and go home,” she told the news outlet. “He does this every day and the fact that this occurred is absolutely sickening.”

Police are appealing for any witnesses or information about the attack against Neil to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The horrific incident comes weeks after four teenagers were charged over the alleged assault and carjacking of a 73-year-old woman at a shopping centre in southeast Queensland.

The woman was allegedly attacked in the car park at Browns Plains with one teenage girl accused of pushing the woman before grabbing her keys and throwing them to another girl.

The second girl allegedly picked up the other girl and two male teenagers in a vehicle before leaving the carpark. All four teenagers were located a short time later nearby. The victim was not physically injured in the incident.

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