‘I cry every day’: Mum of toddler, 2, found dead shares heartbreaking tribute

Natasha Scott shared a beautiful and heartbreaking tribute to her little boy who was found dead on Friday afternoon. Source: Facebook/Natasha Scott.

The heartbroken mother of a two-year-old boy who was found dead near a dam after going missing from his family’s rural property has paid tribute to her “baby boy” in a tear-jerking post on social media.

Natasha Scott took to Facebook on Monday morning, just days after her little boy was discovered by police divers, and shared a heartbreaking message to Ruben alongside a series of sweet photographs.

In the emotional post the mum laid bare her love for “Ruby” and revealed how they had battled through life together facing the days by each others side.  Looking back at memories of her beloved son, Natasha also shared a slideshow of snaps of the gorgeous boy from birth to more recent photos.

“Ever since you left me it feels like you’re going to walk back through my door, yell out ‘mum ma’ and give me a big cuddle,” Natasha began. “I had you when I was just 16, we did it incredibly hard but eventually got on our little feet.

“We started to enjoy our life that we worked so hard for. You were starting to do so much and talk so well. Just at two you gave me more knowledge about how smart and quickly kids learn.”

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“We started to enjoy our life that we worked so hard for. You were starting to do so much and talk so well. Just at two you gave me more knowledge about how smart and quickly kids learn.”

The devastated mum continued by explaining how heartbroken she was at the loss of the little boy, questioning why he had to be taken from her so soon.

“You were so happy,” she wrote. “This doesn’t feel real Ruby. Where is my little lifesaver? Why did you have to leave me so soon?

“Will I ever see you again with your big blue eyes and smiles? When am I going to be able to hold you in my arms and tell you ‘I love you so much?'”

The emotional tribute continued with Natasha explaining how distraught she has been since the news broke on Friday afternoon, after police discovered his body in a lagoon near the family’s Koolatah Station homestead.

“You used to laugh and smile when I played back the videos I recorded of you and now all I do is cry because I know you’re never coming back to me,” the mum continued.

“I miss everything that you used to do. From spitting in my face, you saying ‘love ya’. The tantrums to the hugs and kisses. Even when you used to hog the whole bed just to cuddle me so you could fall asleep.”

She continued: “Being your mum was the best decision I ever made. I cry every day that you’re not here. I cry at the fact that I thought I could’ve done so much more.

“I cry because I wasn’t there to help you. Now I can’t do anything but cry for you. I love you so much my baby boy, I never thought I’d have to say goodbye. My forever.”

Queensland Police confirmed the sad news just before 5pm on Friday, revealing Ruben’s body was found in a large dam near the family’s Koolatah Station homestead, on the western side of Cape York Peninsula.

“Our thoughts go out to Ruben’s family, friends and the communities of Maramie and Kowanyama, as well as everyone involved in the search during this difficult time,” a police spokesperson said.

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