‘I saw a red spot on her chest’: Psychic nurse reveals she can see cancer

May 02, 2020
Ronda Robertson sometimes sees auras around people, while other times visions come to her through her dreams. Source: Getty

For Ronda Robertson, being a medium has had its ups and downs, as while she has been able to connect people to their dearly departed loved ones, she has also witnessed terrible accidents and had frightening premonitions.

The Melbourne-based psychic says it can be difficult knowing that something dreadful is going to happen, or that someone is suffering, but the 60-year-old tells Starts at 60 that her gift has helped her to appreciate life more.

Ronda’s first vision came when she was 19-years-old and, over time, she says she has learnt to tune in to spirits and the ‘other side’, but being a medium hasn’t always been the grandmother’s main career path and she has previously enjoyed careers as a singer and a nurse. It was whilst working in the hospital that Ronda discovered the extent of her own psychic abilities, and realised she could see auras.

“Things happened in the nursing world,” Ronda says. “One time there was a girl who had been diagnosed with cancer, I saw a red spot on her chest, it was exactly where the cancer was.”

She adds: “In the medium field, a lot can see auras. It’s like another language that you can be so good at … or bad.

On other occasions, Ronda has been sent signs from the spirit world, such as messages warning her that something bad is about to happen. Back in the 1990s she was working at a call centre when she says she noticed a black cross on one of her colleagues, and for more than a week these black crosses kept appearing everywhere Ronda went.

At the time she says she had no idea what the symbols could mean. However just one week later Princess Diana tragically passed away, and Ronda now believes her visions were a sign of the royal’s forthcoming death.

“I see them because I’m clairvoyant, I have that sensitivity,” she says. “Sometimes we get symbols and have to interpret them.”

Mediums all receive messages in different ways and Ronda says she sometimes even connects to spirits through dreams. In her early days, when her psychic abilities were still developing, she says she had a vivid dream of a woman close to death as her car plunged under water.

“I heard her saying ‘God someone help me’,” Ronda says. “The next day I turned on the radio and it had actually happened. An ambulance driver was driving past and saved her life.

“On another occasion I had a vision that my sister’s car was going to catch on fire. When I told her she thought it was bizarre but I said, ‘I’m telling you, it’s going to happen’. Three weeks later the car did catch on fire, her partner was in the car with a friend of his.”

More recently Ronda has had premonitions of other terrible events, such as the coronavirus outbreak. While she didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, she claims she did have a “flash” showing a widespread illness at the start of the year.

“It was about a month before it [Covid-19] really started to rise up,” Ronda says. “I thought it would be a flu, like a really bad flu season. I didn’t really pay much attention to that, perhaps I should have.”

Ronda has now documented many of her experiences in a new book titled ‘Mystical’, which details some of the astonishing spiritual encounters she has had, as well as the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

“I hope it stirs up some thought: maybe that was part of my journey here so that others can know we are part of something greater, all of us intrinsically made of the same fabric,” she says. “The potential we all share and how precious the gift of life is.”

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