‘Totally inappropriate’: Magda Szubanksi slammed for comparing bushfires to Gallipoli

Australians are not happy with the comments made by Magda Szubanksi regarding the bushfires. Source: Getty

Magda Szubanksi has been slammed for comparing the terrifying bushfires burning across Australia to Gallipoli, with many calling her comments ‘totally inappropriate’ and ‘disrespectful’ to those who served in the war.

The Kath and Kim star took to social media this week to share her thoughts on the tragedy unfolding around the country and how ‘unbearably sad’ she has been over the many lives and homes that have been lost.

“Ok. #australiafire #AustraliaisBurning is huge in every way. This will define us a nation, a people and as individuals. THIS is OUR Gallipoli,” Magda wrote on Twitter.

The actress went on to say how frightened she has been as fires continue to burn out of control and smoke thickens. Magda also urged people to come together in their time of need saying: “The actions we take next – to support, rebuild and heal – will be informed by our values and beliefs”.

However, while many praised her for helping to build community spirit and bring people together, others have lashed out at her for her mention of Gallipoli.

“You disrespect everyone that served, was injured or killed at Gallipolim” @Bluey64 wrote on Magda’s Twitter post. “I just don’t understand your thinking.
“Are you saying the fires are the Turks? Did the Brits set us up to fight a fire that we couldn’t fight? Please explain.”
“It’s nothing like Gallipoli … the two can’t or don’t come anywhere near comparing. Totally inappropriate comparison,” @LoniBosher said.
“No comparison. I lost both my grandfathers at Gallipoli. You woke celebrities start practicing what you expect the rest of us to do. I’m getting a bit long in the tooth to start walking everywhere, swim from country to country, gather my food,” @Cazziem56 added.
However, there were others who stood by Magda in her message and said how nice it was to see famous people like herself sharing their thoughts and doing what they can to assist those dealing with the devastation.
“”I appreciate your post, Magda. It’s been a distressing time for everyone, drawn-out for many weeks,” @tweetannylee said. “My grandfather is lucky to be here.

“There had been no burning-off done in the bush behind this place in 50 years. Needless to say, it’s had a good burning now! Truly frightening.”

“Well said Magda. After the 2009 fires, working and volunteering in recovery centres, I was angry. I cried a lot too,” @GGeoggwithaG added. “But, it changed me. I volunteer more. I try to help others more. Still makes me want to be a better person.”
The controversy comes after it was revealed mining magnate Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest would be donating a whopping $70 million to the bushfire relief effort, following in the footsteps of the likes of James Packer, Kylie Minogue, Chris Hemsworth and comedian Celeste Barber who have all donated their own cash and rallied behind the cause.
The WA billionaire announced the huge financial package on social media, via his Minderoo Foundation, and explained that the monetary aid will not only go towards combatting the ongoing fires and helping communities rebuild, but it will also fund research to try and prevent similar disasters in years to come.

“Today we launch the Minderoo Fire Fund,” a post on the Minderoo Foundation’s Twitter page read. “A comprehensive $70 million relief package designed to not only respond to the ongoing crisis and rebuild communities, but to establish long-term resilience by funding research into and applying new techniques in fire and disaster relief.”

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