Mack Horton wins gold for Australia in the swimming

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Australia’s Mack Horton has just won gold in the 400m freestyle final in Rio.

It’s the first gold medal for our Olympic team so far and Mack brought it home with an incredible swim.

The 20-year-old had a tense build up to the race, after taking a swipe at his Chinese rival Sun Yang who reportedly taunted and splashed water at Mack when they were in the pool earlier this week.

The move was apparently less than friendly and when asked about it Mack said he didn’t have time for drug cheats – referring to Yang’s three month ban in 2014 after being caught taking substances.

There was no drama in the pool just minutes ago though, with Mack putting it all behind him and breaking the world record with his amazing swim.

The congratulations are already rolling in for the young athlete, with messages of support and cheers of ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie’ flooding social media.

Join us in congratulating Mack on his amazing achievement!

Did you see the race? Are you a fan of the swimming?

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