Sweet lovers rejoice: Production of favourite lolly returns to Australia

The delicious Life Savers will be produced in Australia once again. Source: Getty

Aussies were left running for shops earlier this year when the favourite chocolate treat the Polly Waffle returned to shelves, but now those with a sweet tooth have another reason to celebrate as a much-loved lolly makes a comeback.

After years of being manufactured in New Zealand, the all time favourite treat will now be made in Sydney’s south-west suburb of Ingleburn. And that’s not the only exciting news, as Darrell Lea reportedly confirmed there will be new flavours on the market. While they are yet to announce what these will be, if the original musk and fruit tingle flavours are anything to go by, they will be loved by all.

Speaking to the ABC about the news, Life Savers marketing manager at Darrell Lea, James Byrne, said they were ready to grow the business and working on the tasty lolly was the best way to go.

“It’s something that was important to us and we’ve been working in the background to innovate with new flavours and formats, so in September we can relaunch the brand with new flavours and advertising campaigns to help Australians become aware again of Life Savers,” he told the national broadcaster.

As well as being an exciting moment for lolly lovers, the return of production to Aussie shores also brings further job opportunities for residents. According to the news outlet, a further 21 people have been hired to work on the production line.

The exciting announcement follows news earlier this year that South Australian business Robern Menz had signed a deal with Nestle to bring back the delicious Polly Waffle. This came after people all over the country begged to bring the chocolate back to Aussie retailers, with a Facebook page calling for the return of the chocolate bar gaining more than 55,000 members over the years.

“Today is a good day!,” a post from the company read on Facebook. “You asked for it… We bought the Polly Waffle brand!”

Late last year Violet Crumble also made a joyous return to Aussie shelves with production of the chocolate beginning in South Australia in October. In January 2018 Robern Menz signed an agreement with Nestlé to acquire the Violet Crumble brand, putting the delicious treat back in Aussie operations for the first time in 46 years, after it was purchased by British company Rowntree in the 1970s, and later bought by Nestle in 1989.

Do you like eating Life Savers? Are you excited to hear production of the lolly has returned to Australia?

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